Kim Bolleby

Professional bowler 🎳🎳 900 global Vise Inserts 41 countries✈️✈️✈️ Mix swedish/thai🇸🇪🇹🇭 Team Thailand Team YinYang

Re-signed for My 2nd year with 900 Global and the amount of support and help ive gotten its an honor to continue to represent the best products available on the market Today! Ive Taken a few weeks off to mentally prepare to hit the Gas pedal Again, feeling ready to take on 2019 with a fresh mind, starting of with a Pba regional Japan next week! Making New Pba Jerseys If anyone has some ideas im gladly Open for it! #900Global #performanceForYourGame #GoGlobal
Adventure in okinawa! Zipline! #zipslide #okinawa #forestadventure
Okinawa! 😍😍
Back and forth but im working on it #900global #viseinserts #gapsbowling #teamyinyang #chasing300
Japan bound 🇯🇵
Twin tower!
Been nice to getting on to the bowling environment Again, but also taking it easy to still stay sharp! 2 more days of qualifying 💪💪 having 2 more squads of practice 😊
6❤️ I think I have the best view 😘traveling for bowling and enjoying it with someone is truly awesome 😍 im looking forward to more tournaments with you, supporting each other through thick and thin ❤️ And someone that also has Their finger inserts upside down 😍😂😂😂 cant wait to travel with you more and taking u to sweden in end of december 😜😜
@focusband practice! Starting simple on baseline 17! #900global #viseInserts #teamyinyang #gapsbowling
Truth tour and total Gear from our international line at @900global Truth tour is one of the best fresh balls I’ve ever had, it controls the friction and allows me to play those straighter angles and shape it to control the wet dry perfectly, then I’m trying one of of our(900Global) exlusive balls for Japan! Thank you #absbowling and #ITCproshop , feeling ready to start of my December with Milo Allstars in Malaysia then Pba regional here in Japan! #900global #gapsbowling #viseinserts #teamyinyang
Had a blast at Tokyo Sky Tree! Thank you for a lovley evening =) A dragon ball fan since young age and here they promote the new Dragonball movie like a UFC match going on in train stations, theme on the Tower attraction, like huge hype! #dragonballsuperbroly #tokyoskytree #tokyo
New re-released Respect hybrid ! Just confirmed My entry i Will be bowling the Pba regional Japan in the end of december as a season starter. #900global #gapsbowling #viseinserts #TeamYinYang #round1
That has been such a needed break, feel much fresher in My mind, i can actually post a shot Again. My body listens to me Finally ! I love this japanese style of monitor scoring. 😍😍
Some new shirts! #900global #viseinserts #efx
Tokyo One piece tower!
@improve_health Sällan man får en så god cookies and cream bar som denna utan att få större skuld känslor! Cookies and cream sitter högst upp på listan bland godaste barerna som finns! En månads förbrukning skulle sitta fint! Chance of winning a Month supply of barebells! #barebells #myBarebells
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