✊Forensic Psychology is the Major🙌 😇James 1:5🌟 💙Single Mother of one 💛 ✨Greatness in the Making💫 ✊Ranies Alumni🎓 💎 #BlueDreams #ArtistLIFE 👑📒

Love my perfect imperfections
Happy Birthday to The Kid I'll Forever Love 💘Enjoy your day Devon. #ILY234ever
8 months yesterday 💙👏
Those eyes get me every time💙✊😭💖
Just one of them days...
Happy 21st Birthday to Me💋💕
Y'all Trojans so cute when y'all salty #Ichiban #VikingNationBihh
Gots to be more careful
Father and Son united for the first time. 😍✊ 12/20
Created in purity the earth and me. Only I could dream of what could be. Trees blow in the wind while the sun leads the sky. As darkness falls and at night I cry. But seeing what is makes me thankful for moments like this. #Creation by S. Lane
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