Emily Kincaid

🦋Actor/Producer/Social Media Manager 🌈Producer of @abducteddoc ✨NETFLIX 2019✨ 🔥Buy now on @iTunes with the link below👇🏼 📍Based in L.A 🌼 Retro Babe

And then there was that time I decided to become a Producer and the first film I Produced got bought by @netflix and was selling out online and topping the charts of @itunes and I wore that god awful yet amazing wig around for 4 years and got to fulfill my life-long dream of pretending I grew up in the 70’s? That’s what I’ll say one day. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @abducteddoc
Beam me up🌸🛸🦋 @indg0
⁣ The weekends are for loungin’👌🏼🌿✨⁣ @thewestsidecollective
I am She. She is me.💘
Everyone deserves a little extra love today. Talk about what matters when it matters. It’s okay to not be okay.❤️⁣ #worldmentalhealthday #supporteachother
⁣ Badass babes and female-owned brands made for a 🔥 shoot day. ⚡️🌿✨⁣⁣ @thewestsidecollective ⁣⁣ @savetheparade1969
⁣⁣ Because what else can you do on an atrocious day in history like today?🌿⁣⁣ #believesurvivors #votethemout #downwiththepatriarchy
Bless her👏🏼
⁣⁣ Daytrippin’🧡⁣⁣ 📷 @seandirector
Mood 🖤
No one I’d rather come home to after a long day. ❤️❤️❤️
Boot. Life. 💋
Weekend vibes💯
My face all day today watching the Kavanaugh hearings. Wtf. Like seriously. W. T. F.⁣ #christineblaseyford #ibelieveher
Excuse me while I jump back into time for a moment.✨⚡️✨
Is it the weekend yet? 💃🏻✨🕺🏻⚡️
Texas was all I hoped for. Boots, booze and brisket. #giddyup 👩🏻‍🌾
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