King Iven

Indabooth Entertainment @indaboothtv Resident DJ + Music Director @theparkat14th

Finally got a selfie with Nana ❤️
Some people/things in life are just not made for you... Just let loose and focus on building your strengths ✊🏾
Only ride with a crew that’s gonna ride with you 🏎💨 #InDaboothCollective #ArtsNBeats #PowerhouseDJs
Had to reset the mind, body & soul... now it’s back to the bag 💰.... ✈️ Washington, DC @theparkat14th 2Nite!
Stxpped believing in other people’s promises a while back... Just took my own action 🤘🏾 📸 @designedbytariq
Thanks @washinformer for this dope write up @artsnbeats_ 🙏🏾
Let’s switch it up on 3... #AsianNight @theparkat14th @kingiven ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
🤘🏾 @powerhouse_djs
Told her a few months ago I’m going to throw the biggest concerts and festivals in the world 1 day!... Thank you for choosing me to launch #AVSessions @whoisalexvaughn @indaboothtv ... 📷 by @shaughncooper 💪🏾
We cooking up something special for the culture — @powerhouse_djs
Only the A-List parties with @kingiven | S/O singer @miguel and DMV’s Ciroc/Deleon Ambassador @kingflexxa for rocking with me #broccolicity weekend! | Book me for your next Club Party, Corporate or Private Event, or just to Host your next turn up! #PowerhouseDJs
When it’s your first time seeing Miguel perform and you’re deejaying his set 🤘🏾 #Indabooth @theparkat14th
And #BCFest2018 was very 🔥
They like K.I. where’s the #BroccoliCity afterparty...... @theparkat14th #indabooth #PartyWithKingIven
Drake Eyez all summer long 🤘🏾
An even better Birthday when you can treat your friends to a Park Buffet and they come out by the hundreds! #TaurusSeason #BirthdayDinner #JerkWingsAndMac
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