👑The King Of Dachshunds 👑

🐶Mini Long Hair Dachshund 🌏Gold Coast, Australia 🍼24th Nov 15 💌Collab? Please contact my agents @powerpetsagency 📕CEO @sausagedogsoftheworld

When you get out of bed and are still tired so just find another comfy place to sleep, Do you feel me? 😴 PS how cute is my crimped floof after my shower!?! 🥰 #kingkingsley @indiebohopets
Act natural and they’ll never know 👏🏼🤭 #kingkingsley Note: Kingsley taught himself this lil trick and will often sit like this (just like most dachshunds) when he wants attention or something...
Sorry for ruining your video Ma... 🤪 #notsorry Who is ready for the weekend? 🥰 #kingkingsley
Ma that kangaroo is teasing me because you won’t let me chase it 😖 #kingkingsley
Give someone a hug 🥰 Tag them below 👇🏼 #kingkingsley
Baby all I want for Christmas is... A PUPPY SISTER 🤪👋🏼🥰 I think I deserve a baby sis right?! #kingkingsley
Yellow my name is Kingsley and I am here to rescue you from ocean monsters 🤪🧸 Who want to be saved? #kingkingsley
Keeping cool like the cool King I am 😎 Who wants to come to my puppy pool party? 👇🏼 #kingkingsley
Some bunny loves chu ❤️🥰😍 #spreadlove #kingkingsley
Help me spread some love around ❤️ Tag a pal below 👇🏼 #kingkingsley
Stop teasing and let me kiss you 🥰 Who wants a kiss? 👇🏼 #kingkingsley
The first time I met me mini me @winny_n_crunchie 🥰🤝 #kingkingsley
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