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Unity Team chants! UNITY! I believe that we will win! UNITY Hustle Mode! We are the U! We are the U! We are the U I said that we! We are the U! Unity! We carry PHP on our shoulders, on our shoulders, on our shoulders!
PHP Big Event at Pechanga Resort and Casino! Amazing 2 minute speakers, C.E.O. Patrick Bet-David, and motivational speaker Eric Thomas! Next one’s in August!
Cosmo Wanda and Hercules. If I had a pink shirt I could’ve been Timmy.
PHP CEO Patrick Bet-David! A true leader. Started from nothing, and is now on top.
My company Co-Founder; Jorge Pelayo. Great guy very inspiring. I’m go big to learn a lot from him and others.
Home cooked, hand cut fries from scratch with some handmade fish sticks.
Brand New Fighting Gane for PS4 coming out soon. #ronaldmcdonald #wendys #burgerking #kfccolonel #jackinthebox #carlsjr #littleceasars # oven mitt #the noid
Red Sun
Woke up this morning at 5:47am to a car crash right outside my house.
New Haircut
4th of July Celebration
Happy Father's Day Dad
Had an awesome birthday weekend.
Wait for it...swipe left.
The L.A. River by my house
Goosebumps + Shrek 😂
This is hilarious
Ice Skating
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