Hoco 2k18🗣
I’m him‼️
The future🏈💯
Fw it😌
Fw it💯
Fwm a lil bit❤️
So much going right can’t do nun but smile🤤
(A lil snippet and not done yet)but who fwi when it drop 🤷🏽‍♂️🔥 #explorepage #viral
Tbh ?
#inmyfeelingschallenge 😂😂😂
Happy 4th🦍
I miss school mane @iiam.k.jay 😂😂😂friday turn up😭😭😭
We didn’t have shit else to do so we fell in the jungle 🐍
Roll up a gar⛽️start up the car let’s get off in sum shit🙏🏾🤪
Happy Birthday 🎊to me big 14🤪
Peep me 🥇
Imma soldier💯🤙🏽
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