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Working on self love today. I wanted to write a long caption about how important it is but I’m too worn out. I hope someone sees this and takes time to work on their self today. That’s all ✨
Woke up thinking about this office and trying to figure out how to get similar vibes. 🤔 The chairs, the sconces, the Birkin bag. Adding to my vision board, am I right ladies?
The crunch of grass beneath your bare feet. The smell of fresh rain on a brisk morning. The crash of waves against a silky shoreline. The site of cliffy mountains overwhelmed by pine trees. 🌈 🌈🌈 Take care of our mother, people. She’s given us so much. #earthday 📷: @jasminestar
I upgraded from my futon to grown up pillow top mattress and I feel rich and famous. I think the sunshine came out to celebrate too. 🛏🛏🛏🛏🛏🛏
IF IT’S NOT A HELL YES, IT’S A HELL NO. Fearlessly seek after the things that YOU KNOW you want. The things you aren’t sure about? Throw them the hell out!! ✨
Everyone’s telling me I need to go see that new scary movie about being quiet but I’m much more comfortable seeing the movie with The Rock and the big gorilla. Anyone else agree? 🤙🏼 Also a little insiders tip: when you take out your hair extensions, over accessorize and hope no one notices that 75% of your thicc mane is gone. Also why do my eyes look like I got jaundice? :/
TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST I usually make wallpapers based on what I think you guys will like. But this week I made a wallpaper based on what I needed to keep me going. ✨ On days where it all feels like too much, I make a to-do list and start checking items off. It’s literally the best cure to overwhelm. It sounds obvious, but in the moment, it doesn’t feel like the best option. Sometimes the best option feels like crying and eating chocolate... which is a good option nonetheless? ✨ Here’s to not stopping until we’re proud!! Wallpapers up on the ole story. Thanks for watching and goodnight
Starting a business and a relationship at the same time is hard. Do you know what makes it easier? When your man is the absolute dopest kindest babe in the world. I feel more butterflies with him every single day, and that’s saying something because they’ve been freaking strong since the beginning. Here’s a pic from one of our first dates when I thought life couldn’t get any better, and guess what? It’s gotten better everyday. Except the fact that his recent obsession is trying to get me to stop drinking Diet Coke. 🙄 NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Still love you though @nwangang
WHAT’S YOUR WILDEST DREAM? Do you wanna know how to reach it? Do you wanna know how to do what you love and make money at it? Sign up for my e-course!!! It’s now live!! Link is in bio :) ⭐️ I created this course after being frustrated seeing super talented girls working jobs they hated when they could make more money pursuing their passions. Every good brand is built on hard freaking work and if you find yourself feeling stuck or unmotivated lately, this course is for you!! ⭐️ I originally wrote the content as an e-book but after feedback from pre-orders, I realized a course was the best format! The course includes 10 different sections with worksheets and quizzes in each section. If you do the work, this course will change your life!! I’m not even being dramatic! ⭐️ Link is in bio, babes! DM me and I’ll give you a 20% off code and a direct link to check out. LOVE YOU ALL. #thatkinzcohustle
Tryna live my best life. Tryna work on my tan so I can spend all day in the pool instead of just a couple hours. Tryna decide why I don’t live in a place with more sunshine. Tryna get everything done on my to-do list so I can have an easy-going Monday. Tryna forget the dream I had last night about me killing a clown with a coat hanger. 🙍🏻‍♀️🤡
I ALWAYS forget what day of the week it is. Catch me sending out an email to a client that says Happy Tuesday on Friday. But today’s really feeling like a Saturday so does that mean I’m getting organized? Here’s some moodboard inspo if you’re working on your hustle this weekend. Moodboarding is my FAVE part of the branding process and most of my clients don’t realize how useful one is until they have it to reference when working on their social and online presence. HMU if you are needing a dope ass brand.
Do you know what sucks way bad? Having sisters who are so much hotter than you. Can’t believe @morganpmadsen is 16!!! Literally terrified that she’ll be driving so stay off the roads everyone. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY, YOU’RE A SUPER STAR ⭐️
The hustle is REAL guys. It’s contagious. It’s growth is exponential. And it’s exhausting af tbh!!!!! But we out here!! We still tryna make wallpapers!! We thinking about Rachel’s overalls and woven highlights! We havin’ the friends theme song in our head the whole time we designed it and still currently enjoying that nice intro guitar riff in the background. (Wallpapers are up on my story!) #thatkinzcohustle
Why is the Dillard’s waiting room my forever aesthetic? Why can I never take off this beanie? Why do I own more kimonos than I own pairs of underwear? 🤔
A little peak into a lookbook I designed for @jamberry that launched today! Also a tip for my designer friends. Mock-ups are life!!! I never take photos of my projects. My favorite mock-up site is You just paste your work into the photoshop file and it makes it look amazing and professional with no worries about taking the photos yourself. 🙌🏼
Summer is in session and we’re never coming home. St. George you sexy hoe
Can I get an amen? 🙏 GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO HUSTLE. Pre-orders arriving tonight to an inbox near you. 👀
Feeling thankful. Thankful for sunshine. Thankful for road trips. Thankful for Fridays. Thankful for cute boyfriends who surprise you with cute flowers. Thankful for sisters who have always felt more like besties. Thankful for besties who have always felt more like sisters. Thankful for parents who taught me that being a girl is a superpower. #BLESSED
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