Healthy food without compromise. 2011 Mission Street (at 16th). 100% free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn, peanuts, refined sugar and seed oils. * ⬇️⬇️⬇️

VOTE FOR KITAVA + We've been nominated through @meandgfree as one of the best gluten-free restaurants in the U.S.! Help support us by casting a vote on our behalf (link in bio), and tell your friends gluten-free friends to do the same 😊 + You'll be entered to win a @nimasensor bundle, and Kitava will be recognized nationally as a top-tier #glutenfree restaurant + Thanks for all your support now and always! ❤️🙏
Looking to cleanse after the holiday weekend? Our House Salad might be the perfect way to get back on track 🥗💪 + Loaded with spinach and arugula, topped with avocado and pepitas, and tossed with a housemade balsamic dressing with no sugars or vegetable oils + Available with protein add-ons (shown here with wild-caught Alaskan salmon) + Healthy and balanced nutrition to get your post-turkey day week off to the right start! + 📸 @wildhorseproduction
🍁Happy Thanksgiving from the Kitava Crew!! 🍁 . . We will be closed all day Thursday-Sunday! . . Reopening Monday at 11am!
Now up on the Kitava blog! Link in bio + Don't let your relatives trip you up with their restrictions and dietary requirements. We've got you covered with five of our favorite #realfood #Thanksgiving recipes that meet some of the strictest dietary requirements. + All recipes in our post are #Vegan and #Paleo . Most are #keto and #whole30approved as well. And of course, they're all #glutenfree + Try them out and let us know what you think!
THE AVOCADO SHORTAGE IS REAL + We just received word from our produce suppliers that there will continue to be an avocado shortage over the next couple weeks + This is due to: 1) A harvest worker strike in Mexico 2) The end of California and Peruvian harvest seasons 3) The fact that Californians LOVE avocados 🥑 + Kitava is down to our last couple cases, and the current estimate is 10 days before we can get restocked with avocados. However, it may take longer depending on how quickly the worker strike is resolved + We're doing our best to come up with avocado alternatives for any relevant dishes, so please be patient and understanding if your Cuban Bowl, Baja Bowl, or Salad arrives sans our favorite green fruit over the next couple weeks 😊
ORDER KITAVA FOR THANKSGIVING 🦃 + Our Thanksgiving catering menu is officially up and ready for pre-orders! + All orders placed through next Thursday, 11/15 will have the option to pickup or have their meal delivered on Tuesday, 11/20 + Menu link in bio + Pictured: Veggie Feast (serves 4) + Sweet Potato Mash + "Cheesy" Cauliflower & Broccoli Bake + Green Bean Casserole + Creamy Collard Greens + Balsamic Glazed Rainbow Carrots + Kale Slaw Salad
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITAVA! #kitavabirthday
👻🧡Happy Halloween!!!🕸🕷
KITAVA'S TURNING ONE! + Help celebrate our 1st Anniversary as a restaurant on Friday, November 2nd + As a THANK YOU for all your support, come enjoy: + Free dessert bites + Kombucha samples from @marin_kombucha + Raffle to win free food and other prizes + Photo Booth!!! + ALSO, Kitava will donate $1 to @missiongrads for every in-house order placed between 11AM-3PM + So grab a friend, come for lunch, and support an excellent Mission-based non-profit! + RSVP on Facebook - Event link in bio + #KitavaBirthday
PERSONAL PECAN PIE * In-house Special * Gluten-free Almond Flour Crust * Sweetened with organic maple syrup and medjool date paste * Optional scoop of recommended 😉
Kitava co-founder Jeff Nobbs on a sustainable organic palm fruit farm in Ecuador, courtesy of @naturalhabitatsgroup & @palmdoneright + LINK IN BIO - Learn why the fried food we serve at Kitava is healthy for you AND the environment + Hint: It has something to do with the cooking oil we use + While we're on the topic, let's talk about "vegetable oils" + Sounds pretty healthy right? + Not quite. Most vegetable oil is made from soybeans, a factory farmed monocrop. They're almost always grown with pesticides & chemicals, have questionable nutritional value, and don't produce oil naturally + Getting oil from a soybean requires using extremely high heat & chemicals. We're left with a highly unstable oil from mostly polyunsaturated fatty acids, that's likely already rancid by the time it's packaged and shipped to your local restaurant + This oil is labeled "vegetable" oil, and used to cook everything from steaks, omelettes, and sauted veggies, to deep fried donuts, french fries, and chicken nuggets + During high heat cooking, this oil has no chance. It's almost certainly rancid by the time you eat your food, which can wreak havoc on your body + This same process is true for canola, peanut, corn, safflower, sunflower, grapeseed, & rice bran oils + In a perfect world, we should NEVER consume these oils + Unfortunately, 99.999% of restaurants & food service businesses use some form of "vegetable oil" in their cooking. It's literally killing people, and they have no idea, simply because we aren't educated about how toxic these unnatural oils are for our bodies + Luckily, there IS a better way 😀☀️ + Use common sense & embrace fats from NATURAL sources. Cooking requires heat-stable oils, which comes from saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids + What foods contain stable fats? Foods that produce oil naturally + Coconuts + Olives + Avocados + Macadamia Nuts + We take our our responsibility to serve health-promoting food seriously, down to the oils we use + This is no marketing claim. It's a serious issue more restaurants should treat as such + In our kitchen we cook with: + Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Veronica Foods + Organic Palm Fruit Oil + Coconut Oil
NEW LOCALS SPECIAL: Meera's Tikka Masala * Vegan - Paleo - Whole30 compliant - Gluten-free - Keto-friendly (with cauli rice substitution) * The newest addition to our menu comes courtesy of Kitava Catering Lead @meerakat14 and is already a staff favorite! * Cashew cream tikka masala sauce + roasted turmeric cauliflower + jasmine rice * Add chicken (optional) * Sub cauli rice for jasmine rice (optional) * Oh, and it's a Locals Special, so it's only $7!!! * Come try it today! 😍🤤🙌
THE COHO CHIP + In-house Special + Full-length wild-caught salmon skin, fried in sustainable palm oil, dusted with cumin, chipotle powder, and sea salt. Served with a line wedge and chipotle aioli dipping sauce
Make it a DATE! Enjoy our Sweet & Salty Date Bites! . . . . 4 Dates with Almonds,100% Almond Butter, 100% Cacao Dark Chocolate🍫 & Sea Salt 🌊
NEW SPECIAL ALERT! Kofta Meatballs & Hummus Plate 🍽🌱
Store hours tomorrow will be 3:00pm-9:00pm!!!
Shout out to Chef Meera at last night’s Guest Chef pop-up alongside @farminghope !!! 4-courses beautifully executed,amazing service, great teamwork and of course DELICIOUS food! We are so proud of you!! 🥕🥦❤️
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