Healthy food without compromise. 2011 Mission Street (at 16th). 100% free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn, peanuts, refined sugar and seed oils.

Store hours tomorrow will be 3:00pm-9:00pm!!!
Shout out to Chef Meera at last night’s Guest Chef pop-up alongside @farminghope !!! 4-courses beautifully executed,amazing service, great teamwork and of course DELICIOUS food! We are so proud of you!! 🥕🥦❤️
Did you miss our Taco Tuesday?!? Come and check us out TONIGHT at our POP-UP! We hope to see you there! 🥦 #Repost @farminghope ・・・ Sneak peak to tonight’s 4-course meal with the team from Kitava Kitchen, as they put a healthy twist on comforting classics. Only a few spots left to sign up using -Link in @farminghope bio-
Kitava’s got the goods!!! THE GOOD CHOCOLATE! Zero sugar!100% organic! Soy free! Rich in antioxidants! Keto-friendly! And vegan!! -MINT, SALTED ALMONDS, HIMALAYAN SALT & SIGNATURE DARK!
Monday’s don’t always have to be rough, just delicious 🥦What’ll it be today....our nutrient-dense Cuban bowl or one of our house favorites General Tso’s Chicken?!? #Repost @eboydsfood ・・・ “First stop, food! Found an AWESOME paleo friendly restaurant downtown San Francisco 🥑🥦🍗 Also fun fact if you didn’t know, rice is GLUTEN FREE! Been adding a little bit into my diet and it’s soooo filling!!! Also I love sharing food so I always make my friends share, thanks @triciabreault 🤭😍😁. We really enjoyed this place! I 100% recommend “General Tso’s chicken”!! #eboydsfood #eboydsfoodonthego
Embracing his movement “by spreading REAL,nourishing ,whole food, that will support you physically, mentally and emotionally.” 🙌🏼Special thanks to @dannipomplun for featuring Kitava owner Bryan Tublin on this weeks YOGI MISFIT SESSIONS podcast! Full session link below!!! @lululemonsf @jseid
Ma...THE MEATLOAF...featuring our roasted sweet potato mash, fresh cut carrots&broccoli, all topped with Kitava’s savory chicken bone broth gravy!!! Yummmm🍠🥦🥕
So fortunate and grateful our point of view on food is resonating. We want to make nourishing food normal, and the diversity of people who come through our doors every day prove it's possible. Big thanks to folks like @krystenskitchen for sharing the love with their community! We appreciate you ♥️🙌 #Repost @krystenskitchen (@get_repost ) ・・・ Holy Moly! I found a freakin awesome restaurant @kitavakitchen located 16th & Mission in San Francisco that is 100% free of ❌GLUTEN ❌DAIRY ❌SOY ❌PEANUTS ❌CORN ❌REFINED SUGARS ❌SEED OILS There was something for ALL of us to eat SAFELY with our allergens & intolerances and that was very exciting! Virgil helped us order and took great care of us! We ordered all kinds of stuff and enjoyed EVERY SINGLE BITE! There were plenty of #PALEO , #vegetarian & #vegan options and they even served some of our favorite brands: @rebbl , @paleotreats , ! I’d 💯 go back to eat in a heartbeat! Great service, food was delicious, clean ingredients & def a great restaurant! . 🥣 Cuban bowl 🍗 general tso’s chicken 🌱crispy Brussels sprouts 🍝 spaghetti squash w bolognese 💚 pesto meatballs 🍦🍪 ice cream sandwich paleo gelato on homemade cookies 🍠 butternut squash hummus & yuca root chips . We also ate - (Not pictured) - lemongrass ginger kombucha, sweet & salty dates, dark chocolate brownie .... everything was (as my mom would say) TO LIVE FOR! . . #krystenskitchen #realfood #healthandwellness #foodblogger #wellness #paleoeats #nuts #foodallergyfriendly #BeRealEatReal #comfortfood #glutenfree #dairyfree #food #foodie #sanfrancisco #restaurant #feedfeed #nogluten #healthyfoodshare #soyfree #paleofinds #glutenfreefinds #eatrealfood #plantbased #foodintolerance #allergyfriendly
#repost @thatvegetablelady cooking up something mighty tasty in the Kitava kitchen👩🏻‍🌾🥗 “COMMUNITY . . . Treated myself to this #aipreintro breakfast skillet after last night’s AIP Cooking Class #3 : Flavor and Texture. . . I spent breakfast reflecting on the reviews we’ve received from the first 3 classes at @kitavakitchen. I am humbled by the positive feedback, and my heart is feeling SO full because of one word that is repeated in multiple reviews from each class: community. . . . My intention for an AIP Cooking Series was never just crispy chicken skins and sheet pan meals. My focus was always to gather people in similar situations, encourage the sharing of experiences and offer tips to make the food part more fun. . . . AIP or any healing lifestyle can prevent us from accessing the community and love felt while sharing a meal. But for the past 3 Wednesdays, I have overheard participants connecting over liver cooking experiments and sharing shopping tips without having to explain or defend their food choices. It is POWERFUL to have that many AIPers in a room. Can’t wait for our last class of the series: AIP Socializing . . . A huge shoutout to @kitavakitchen for creating a restaurant where we can foster this community without fear of contamination. . . #autoimmunepaleo #community #foodismedicine #healingfood
#Repost @ubereats ・・・ Do you love #MeatlessMonday ? We avoca-do. 📍 @KitavaKitchen | San Francisco, CA #UberEats . #wedeliver
🚨TAKEOVER ALERT 🚨 Michelle of @thatvegetablelady excited to announce the day has finally arrived—It’s AIP Cooking Class Day at @kitavakitchen !! . . . A little about me: I am a food educator, I have celiac disease, I dream about my breakfast before I go to sleep and I am SO excited to meet some new #autoimmunewarriors tonight! . . . Tonight’s class theme is AIP Survival Kit. We’ll talk batch cooking strategy, tips for feeling full, fat bomb recipes and more! . . . Follow along on the @kitavakitchen stories to get a peek behind the scenes before during and after our first class. . . I’ll be answering some FAQ about the 4-part class series this afternoon, so please DM any questions my way. I’d love to hear from you! . . . #autoimmunepaleo #autoimmuneprotocol #foodismedicine
#Repost @lululemonsf ・・・ Meet Bryan, lululemon Grant Ave.’s newest ambassador and co-founder of Mission favorite @kitavakitchen. After years of dealing with chronic pain and inflammation, he adopted a completely anti-inflammatory diet to heal a knee injury—inspiring a drive to help other people feel good through food, too. [check out @kitavakitchen ] for a sneak peek at Kitava’s newest Tuesday special: Street Tacos, Yuca Nachos and a Watermelon Lime Mock-arita—all gluten, corn, and soybean oil free. Because you shouldn’t have to compromise your lifestyle to eat well. #foundin 📍 16th and Mission #thesweatlifeSF
🌮Feel good about having fun on a Tuesday! 🌮 We make our tortillas in-house, using cassava flour and 100% extra-virgin olive oil! 🌮
“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.” - Anthony Bourdain + He did more to bring people together from different cultures and perspectives than anyone else over the past several decades. Part of Bourdain's genius was recognizing that food remains one of the most intimate ways to connect with each other. Despite our differences, flaws, and past experiences, sharing a meal with another person provides a window into their heart and soul. It allows for a shared bond to develop, and provides fertile soil for empathy and growth. With unmatched storytelling prowess, Mr. Bourdain showed the world that we're more alike than we are different, and inspired so many to experience different cultures in the most primal way - through their food. + It's tempting to wallow in sadness today as we mourn the loss of such a great man, and a proud champion of the culinary industry. We're doing our best to make this a celebration of a life well-lived, and to remember the ideals he promoted - camaraderie with your fellow man, perfecting your craft, seeing the world, opening your mind, and bonding with each other over a delicious meal. + Creating a shared space for people to eat well together is at the core of why we created Kitava, and we are inspired in no small part by the philosophies Anthony Bourdain preached. At the intersection of 16th & Mission, seven days a week, we play host to an eclectic group of people, with differing cultures, ideals, values, and occupations. We humbly hope to do our small part in creating shared human connection through food, and carry on the message Bourdain worked to spread in our own way. + But this isn't about us. Today is Anthony Bourdain Day. + Here's to a great man, gifted storyteller, and inspiration to many. + You will be missed.
“We believe healthy, nourishing food is the bedrock to living a life filled with purpose and passion, and recognize people can only help others if they are healthy themselves.” - Bryan Tublin
Motivation Monday! Check out our daily specials and menu for nutrition packed meals; in house or on the go! #feelgoodfood #mcm
Excited to roll out our new AIP Cooking Class Series, in partnership with @thatvegetablelady 😊 Link in bio for tickets and more info.
THROWBACK THURSDAY! The #KITAVACREW teaming up with The SF Conservation Corps! Thank you for inviting us to “inspire,empower and elevate” Bay Area youth! #tastegoodfeelgood #tbt
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