📍leeds 🌚 14 🌈 :)

lately i’ve been feeling like a fiend for your love i’m a fiend and shit
juicy sweatsuits, doing lines in the restroom
i’ll remember who shitted on me
you know, when you part of section.80 and you feel like no one can relate cause you are a loner marijuana endorphins make you stronger
my birthdays in 27 days
i brought a lemon to a knife fight
i look like a chess board
break a brick and a trick i drip fiji water
dear nails : i miss u
i a fat mother f u c k e r
never realise how much i love the best big sister ever . miss u so much xx
tb tho
half a million degrees out, y’all better believe ima still wear jeans
2️⃣2️⃣ hour locked down ain’t shit to do but think
toilet selfie x d
this is fucking hEaven💯💯💯
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