KK Wokhardt

1st in da codeine olympics🥇 Bandkids ™ #freetaz #freemidget #freesalem #freekilo R.I.P KARI💫|| Sc: kkwokhardt

Yuh my gang up🏅
Don’t sip lean🙃
FUCK 🥞 XANAX . 🖕🏽drop your middle fingers down in the comments🖕🏽
Sold out dates cash everyday🥇
Hit a lick I’m to the bank I ran off wit da cake💸
She know I’m kinda ugly it’s like beauty and the beast💔
Hold up four fingers cause dey ride for me4️⃣6️⃣
Fw a p cause I kno how to act
“Boss Shit” out now on some west coast shit ya dig🥇 ft @1320mosey link in my bio
Gucci on my toe I just kicked down yo door🔫
Follow the new SoundCloud @kkwokhardt track comin soon🥇
Flew out to the tropics wit my feet up in da sand 🏝
Ran up a check got it back for another time🤷🏽‍♂️
Sleep well brother🙏🥇
If it’s beef then we gon blam🛠
An im in the game I feel like atari😈
Rest easy brother🙏
Not no typical white boy🤐#freeEli
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