KK Wokhardt

🏅1st in da codeine olympics🏅 Bandkids ™💀 #freetaz #freemidget #freekilo GBA R.I.P KARI💫|| Sc: kkwokhardt LA📍 CTM🛸

Comment if I should drop this @kariuki @hellasketchers
Ill take a bitch to Neptune🛸
Free gang til it’s backwards4️⃣6️⃣
I’m kk wokhardt🎸🍼
My bro from mars but I’m from Neptune🛸
Runnin up these bands I can’t stop 💔
My bro a pop star but we still rock hard🎸
Comment if I should drop this🖤💚 @1320mosey @sauvesidle @hellasketchers
Sorry we jus lookin at our B.B’s saggin
Bitch I’m gassed up witcho hoe💣
Angel on my shoulder but the devil in my ear💀
Gon be wit you til we both in caskets an we changed the world👽🏅genius video for noticed out👀🖤 @1320mosey @genius
She whisper my ear sound like Mozart⛲️
Momma sent me to school took 4 xanx in class woke up in nyc 2 years later🎡
Yuh my gang up🏅
Don’t sip lean🙃
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