Good girl, with a hood playlist MIDCCS Yes, you probably know I’m from your school but I’m keeping my identity anonymous

Don’t be acting like I can’t take everything you have including your man 🤣
K so great, no school for me I have a virus 🤒
If you don’t like me, don’t be my friend! Simple.
Talking about me behind my back? 🤭
All weekend and I still haven’t cleaned my room nor do my homework 😫 (if viewing follow me)
Lmfao Good morning 🤣☀️
Getting ready for the Dance, thank you for 100 likes and 1K views on my first post! 💕😍💋
Thank you for 651 views in 8 hours 😘😘😘
Watch me be late to school again 🤣
My dance is on Friday ☺️💕