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Past and Present. #knicksfire #knicksway
Knicks win! 1-0 so far during the Fizdale era! Scorer of the night: Tim Hardaway Jr with 31 points. #knicksfire #knicksway
The Knicks have set a record tonight. Most points scored in a quarter in franchise history. 49 points in a quarter 👀. The Fizdale era is off to a great start. #knicksfire #knicksway
Frank for 3 👀💯🔥 @frank_ntilikina #knicksfire #knicksway
The Knicks have the youngest team in the NBA after the release of Joakim Noah. The average age of the team: 24 #knicksfire #knicksway
Good morning Knicks fans. It’s gameday, opening night! The game begins at 7:30PM on MSG. #knicksfire #knicksway
For those of you who don’t know, Tomorrow’s starting lineup is: 1. Trey Burke 2. Tim Hardaway Jr 3. Frank Ntilikina 4. Lance Thomas 5. Enes Kanter #knicksfire #knicksway
Courtney Lee is owed $12.7 million for the 19-20 season. The Knicks want to unload some salary maximize their cap space. - - - - The Knick would prefer not to attach a second round pick to Lee in order to unload him. - - - - Courtney Lee could definitely provide depth on a playoff team. #knicksfire #knicksway
Frank Ntilikina has huge praises for our defensive minded coach, David Fizdale. Frank said Fiz is a great coach. #knicksfire #knicksway
Realistically speaking, how many games do you see the Knicks winning this year? Will it be good enough to make the playoffs? #knicksfire #knicksway
David Fizdale has said Courtney Lee might be available to play against the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday but he’s probably going to keep him out. Courtney Lee has missed preseason due to a neck injury. #knicksfire #knicksway
Kristaps Porzingis will be a restricted free agent next offseason. This was expected. #knicksfire #knicksway
Mario also said: “It’s exactly where my mindset was. I wasn’t like: ‘Here, guys, this is me and I’m going to show you who I am.’ I feel we have great people in the locker room who hang out off the court. I don’t want to be bad chemistry. We’re all friends and the veterans are trying to help me.” #knicksfire #knicksway
It’s possible Courtney could play on Wednesday. #knicksfire #knicksway
Joakim Noah Knicks highlights 🔥 @stickity13 #knicksfire #knicksway
Nick Young said he thinks if KD leaves the Warriors, he’ll come to NY. @swaggyp1 @easymoneysniper #knicksfire #knicksway
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