Kody Carlson

Doggo Dad🐶 /// Tattoo and Sushi enthusiast

Am I the only person who thinks Dwight was actually the “Scranton Strangler?”🤔
#4 😏
Now onto the next chapter in life 🎓
And just like that, the 3 amigos were the stuff of legend
It’s truly been a blessing to grow with you guys. We’ve had our ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade this group of seniors for the world
Thank you for being my best friend and putting up with my love for @therealkendrickperkins #theland
3rd times a charm💉
My real hoco date❤️
Officially an adult my dudes🤙🏻
Happy Labor Day my dudes
Still hasn't sunk in that I'm a senior 😳
National sisters day to the cutest little sister ever❤️
Back to back to back😏
If a vegetarian eats animal crackers does that make him a carnivore?🤔