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SYTYCD Season 14 Runner Up Free Spirit ॐ || Life Lover 🌎 Twitter: Koinaay @xceltalent @kikotravels

Till next time, China.. ⛩♥️ What a beautiful trip, but oh maaaaaannnnnn am I excited to see my @kikinyemchek AHHH 🤩 #kikotravels #timezonessuuuuuck
I am traveling the world doing what I love and I couldn’t be anymore grateful.. ♥️ In honor of performing tonight for @luisfonsi , here’s some slo-mo DRAMA. 🤣 Giving you all the faces. Hahahahah. Love you @dannylugo_choreographer thank you, always ♥️ #LuisFonsi #kikotravels
📍Shanghai, China! First time here 🤩
Nicki Minaj x Tyga 🖤 #PeoplesChoiceAwards Choreographer: @1triciamiranda Assistant Choreo: @catrendic Creatives: #JamieKing #TiffanyOlson And a crew with the best vibes. Thank you guys for welcoming me in with such open arms. Love you all. ✨
STORY TIME! 😉 Sooo, I had my first ever card reading done by my life long friend Gaby today. @midnight.sunbeam 🖤 In the last two weeks, I started feeling a shift in my life ever so slightly. And in the last few days, majorly. I don’t want to get into full details, but in my session I asked three questions about something currently happening in my life. 1. Why was this happening? 2. What healing is this doing to me? 3. What is yet to come from this? And as she flipped each card around, the answers that we found within each card left me speechless! It was BEAUTIFUL! It was positive, it was quite spot on, and it was a really special moment for me to watch unfold. This type of thing isn’t everybody’s cup of tea which I fully respect, but it sure is mine! The cards from the first question to the last were: 1. The Fool (upside down) 2. Fighting (upside down) 3. Moment to Moment. As you swipe, you can read what each card meant (if you want). I just wanted to document this because it was such a cool moment for myself. I feel happy, I feel cleansed, I feel really good positive things coming and most of all I feel grounded. I knew I had this feeling... and to watch Gaby read these cards meant a lot to me. It was a “Wooow I knew it” moment that I’ll never forget. She’s incredible! I can’t wait to keep exploring within these cards too. 🤩 Love you Gaby, thank you for today. ♥️♥️
Nicki Minaj x Tyga || Peoples Choice Awards. 🖤 Thank you @1triciamiranda & @catrendic ✨ I am grateful beyond words! #PeoplesChoiceAwards #NickiMinaj #Tyga 📸: @jamaldeandre_ !!
Walking into the weekend like.. 🦋 • • • 📸 by my baby @kikinyemchek ♥️
#PINKSALTLAKE - FULL LINK IN BIO! •• This idea started off at a chicken and waffles dinner and this became the end result. There was no underlining reason why we did this, it was purely our "want." And thats the beauty that we saw in starting this in the first place. It felt so easy to just make a passion project come to life. With two people that love dance and each other, that have an idea and with the help of powerful minds, creativity is inevitable. This night of filming was a process we will never forget and those moments in itself, was all we needed to feel. Talia, thank you for taking this on and putting so much of yourself into it. Your process and your energy is second to none and we just want to say a giant THANK YOU to you. We love you and thanks for birthing our first visual monster. Shout out to Chaz & Courtney! Mike Dones, thank you for your patience, professionalism, and awesome process on and OFF the camera. ;) For us being newbies at this whole thing, you made it stress free and as some know, thats very hard to come by. You are so greatly appreciated. Thank you. This isn't perfect and we're not trying to satisfy anyone else but our selves. We enjoyed every second of it and we hope you do too. Heres to our first and to many more! 🍺 🎶: “Pink Salt Lake” James Vincent McMorrow 💃🏻🕺🏻: Koko Iwasaki & Kiki Nyemchek 👩🏼‍🔬: Talia Favia @talia_favia 🎥: Mike Dones @mikeydones
| Tomorrow |
“Damn right, it’s better than yours”🥤The Milkshake + The Yard 🌳 #kikotravels
Let’s go, MONDAY!! Back in LA & ready to kick some butt. ☺️
#BackInLA || This trip meant so much to me. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to spend so much quality time with my parents! The only thing missing was my brother. Every time I go back to Japan, I come back feeling so refreshed and inspired. The culture is something you have to experience for your self. From the most delicious food, to the way they gift wrap every item you buy in a store, the details of everything and the intention you put towards it, is so important. The respect, discipline and work ethic.. I can’t help but be so proud of my country! I truly can’t thank my parents enough for literally planning EVERYTHING for Kiki and I to have the full experience while we were there. We had soooooo much fun, ate way too much, and had the best laughs! This trip will forever be in the books! I love you guys more than anything else in this world. @iwasyuriko @miamiteru @ishinland @kikinyemchek @kikotravels PS- Can’t wait to have some sweet chick now! 🍗 #kikotravels
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