BY WAKIMUKUDŌ The First Finnish Day Cafe in Central Jakarta Made and Designed From The Heart An Indie Cafe with a Lake of Our Own #Kokonutcurtains

Yesterday began like spring water trickling from an opening on a mountainside. Today, the same water splashes over rapids and rocks; catching glimpses of the sun as droplets spray unto the surrounding leaves. Tomorrow, you could find yourself in the pool and at the bottom of the waterfall. Slowly motioning towards the next edge - before you fall in splendour to the next mountain pool. This is the roller coaster of your heart. You cannot swim against the flow, nor can we change the direction of this body of molecules but sink into its sensation. Merry Friday all!
The nuances of silence shall be found when you seek delicately within your heart, for that simple but undoubtable feelings of positivity. Treat your heart to its delight, it will give you a warm positive feeling of Wakimukudō.
Film 📽 shoot at our place today. Jodoh Wasiat Bapak television series from @antv_official
Savor the sweet the candescence of your heart as you indulge it in rhythm of silence, with the perpetual movements of the wind at ours. Swing to your heart’s delight. Yes, nature is simple. So is the heart. Like the breeze that first touches your face in a morning light. It is simple, yet felt deeply.
Hi all ONLY FOR TODAY on the 12 of December, we will be temporarily closed for a private event form 12-17 PM and will re-open at 5pm! See you all soon! Have a great week ahead
The facade of reality slowly dictates that mankind belongs to that in which he or she feels at home, in that case it is that of nature and the swinging breeze. As well simplicity - for nature functions in simplicity, and simplicity is the key to understanding nature. Stay positive, watch nature, sip a coconut!Have a pleasant evening all!
Relish your thirst in that single sip, while devouring slowly the taste of the succulent flesh of this fruit. Watch the nature interests in your eyes, whilst listening to our playlist while you sip this nature’s good. Kokonuts mhmm.. there’s a reason our name is Kokonut & Curtains. Our kokonuts is a sure treat to your palettes. Sophisticated yet simple.
To make a coffee one must know the sentimentality of isolation, for within the creation of a cup, lies the creation of the soul itself. Oh Wakimukudō! Within every beans, lies sentimentalities of a soul. Isolation of every beans, each picked and characterised as though swinging leaves within the tree. Your cup to us, symbolises the branch of a tree. Try a sip of our coffee while being immersed and surrounded by the curtains and that of nature!
Nature answers your heart’s call, it soothe your mind and calm your soul. In this bustling city, swing by at ours and watch the movements of the swans on our lake while feeling the breeze of the curtains, within the palm of your hand. Relax and unwind. Seek no further when you’re stuck in traffic in a city overcrowded by pollution. Give your mind a treat and your heart a whisper at ours.
The nuances of the wind is not only felt but heard while it permeates within the crevices of your heart, in our place. Watch the movement of the curtains as you are embraced in this lost language. . . . . . 📷: @borzoihandy
When you see a flicker of light in the dark night, your heart feels with hope. When you believe in something more, your heart fills with freedom. Then you know, it is not what you see, but it is what you believe that creates life. Feed your mind with that freedom and that hope, for it is belief that the drops of existence seep from. . . . . 📷: @chelvi_29
If you only know how much you mean to me. You’d understand why every droplet of rain signifies you to me. They shower their way through the sky, to reach me down here, their pathways as though reminding me of our laughters, our smiles; and our times together. You to me are the stars. You to me are the droplets of rain. The very reason for this breath and the existence of my heart. Reverberate the melodies that speaks of you and me, for I see you in everything, my love. . . . . Happy Tuesday, enjoy the rain all x . . . @ranitanuzula
A crack occurs within the sky, and the illumination of lightning appears. Its veins as though meandering and governing the sky. A seed falls off from the tree, it cracks, just like fruits when you apply pressure to it, and the same pattern of cracks appear on it; the same way the lightning shapes and meander through the sky. Look down at your palm and you’ll notice the same crease, as your heart beats through the same electric pulse in the form of arteries and veins. How similar are we to nature! What are you doing this rainy season? Are you creating poetry of nature that arise from the heart? Nevertheless, be inspired at our place. . . . .
Live your life with smiles and peace, for creativity is the product of peace. . . . . Cherish this Monday all! . . 📷: @wildanfahlevi
Thank you to everyone here today and in this very moment; for bringing such positive energy to Kokonut & Curtains! The vibe here in this afternoon - evening is so positive, and we have all of you to thank for! :) for especially this week, we’re celebrating the goodness in peoples’ hearts! 😊 . . . 📷: @agustinalupitaa
Always seek true love, for true love never withers but strengthens through time. . . . Happy Sunday! . . 📷: @monitapramelia
Indulge in a book that immerses you into magical fantasies, whilst sipping on an icy drink at Kokonut & Curtains. Our place provide a venue for your mind to roam freely and for your heart to whisper. Bask in nature and calmed by the waters of our lake, it is surely a place to read and relax during the weekends! . . . 📷: @saskiamaharani
@kokonutcurtains celebrating a week of the good hearts in people with live acoustic music. We found Dwi, a super talented guy with a very good heart, singing from cafes to cafes, restaurants to restaurants and road sides ; before we signed him over for @wakimukudothelabel . His voice is absolutely stunning and jaw dropping, and he plays from the heart. He’s now a member of @kokonutcurtains crew :)
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