BY WAKIMUKUDŌ The First Finnish Day Cafe in Central Jakarta Made and Designed From The Heart An Indie Cafe with a Lake of Our Own #Kokonutcurtains

Never-mind it all, what matters at the end of the day is that you’re trusting your heart. Thrusting forward with the belief and positivity in this unchartered path led by destiny. Like the leaves in the spring, let the universe unfold the rest!
Winners from our draw
The lucky winner will be announced! A name will be drawn out from the hat. Be the first to sample our brand new menu. We guarantee you will get addicted.
Above all else, a good heart triumphs over everything else. Intelligence can be accumulated so do personalities - but a good heart is a rarity to be found. Seek a team whose heart is as pure as the stream of the rivers on a morning light. You can never go wrong in trusting those of good hearts. They’re like overlooked pebbles in a mountain of rocks.
Achieve what you desire through peace. Reap what you wish through positivity. Lobi - Lobi Tart
The epitome of perfection is not in what you see, but what you taste and sense. For perfection is brought upon when the heart approves of it. Lobi Lobi Awesome Tart (left) The Perfect Lemon Tart (right)
Today’s specials. Introducing our new menu. Guaranteed to leave a satisfying lingering in the tip of your tongue and a longing addiction upon trying.
Even in high tides Or in low tides, positivity is found. Strawberry Awesome Tart
Do you think it doesn’t matter who you surround yourself with? Look at water when it is clear. Energies are like water. Positive energies when merged together create an ever positive pure water. This water will then be the habitat to which the nature and animals resides in. Just like water, positive energies are what create luck!
Tart. You are my tart. The Perfect Lemon Tart.
Be it the cycle of the moon, or the rotations of earth on its axis. The cycle of how stars are born and how the sun continuously find its way rising every morning. My love for you, grows. Like a cycle over and over again. I find myself - loving you more every day. And it has been 700 years since I first fall for you.
Like spices to which an ingredient holds, you spiced up my life. Lamb meat ball with chefs tomatoes sauce, mozzarella, and rosemary flat bread.
They say that my love for you is like a rock, strong and robust in its strength. I say my love for you is like the stars, everlasting. Ceaseless.
How do you perceive the i that resides in the we? How do you perceive the times to which I held you in my arms. Like twisted logs, we were one. Fried Polenta with Sautéed Shiitake Mushrooms 🍄
Life is but a meandering water in which the rivers meet. I’m, but a desolate traveler within this world of stars and planets. Inquisitive like the wind that passes by. Chocolate Almond Espresso Cake.
What still lights up whilst being in the dark? If it isn’t you love. Dory Pasta In Chefs Choice Spicy Garlic Sauce.
I find patterns of you, All over. From high to low And low to high. Figurines of you They’re everywhere. Electric Lamb Pizza.
Little it be known. I fell for you, Before you’ve fallen for me. Like horizontal lines We Met. As the sun rises. Herbed Chicken Sausage Pasta.
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