Komal Rajpoot

📍 Islamabad. 📩 haloitskuku@gmail.com

〰Noir et blanc〰. 📸: @kalopsia_m
To smile or not to smile? 🙂🙃. 📸 : @camouflagebysaad 🌸
Hello! One large pizza please🍕🍕🍕. 📸 : @kalopsia_m || @snapcity.pk
👀 . 📸: @kalopsia_m / @snapcity.pk
All black All day Everydayyy👊🏻 . . . And a very Happy Women’s Day! Let’s love, respect and appreciate every women. #internationalwomen ’sday
Be about me, I'll be about you🎵 . 📸 : @kalopsia_m // @snapcity.pk
Totally in love with thisss! Gave me a quick flashback of my miss veet journey. 🙈 Thanks to @belakhan2000 for this amazing piece of art! 🌸🌸
And the best is yet to come.🌟
My face 24/7 except that I don't wear such sparkly dresses that often and I know how big my forehead is so no need to point that out :))) #sundayfunday #vibes #komalsajid
My fangirl moment with the Rockstar🌟🌟🌟 @ali_zafar Live at the #missveetpakistans finale!⚡️ #alizafar #komalsajid #missveetpakistan
Last post in ghararas and lehngas from this shaadi season🤷🏻‍♀️💃 #mylovefornoserings #komalsajid
. آنکھیں نیچی ہوئی تو ہیا بن گئی آنکھیں اونچی ہوئی تو دعا بن گئی آنکھیں جھک کر اُٹھی تو ادا بن گئی🎶 #Nusratfortheweekend 👌🏻
Wearing red and looking like a bride in someone else's wedding is totally my thaaangg #sorrynotsorry #komalsajid
Bidding farewell to #veetacademy . 🙋 The transformation has been on going off-camera more than on-camera and I'm coming back with an experience of a lifetime and a bundle of lessons. 🙏🏻 I would like to apologise to each and every one of you who wanted me to win this, and voted for me and supported me throughout🙏🏻 but this isn't the end guys, it's just a beginning to many new starts! There's a lot more what life has to offer. So, I'm looking forward to it and so should ya'll.✌️✌️ #komalsajid P.s Don't worrrrrry the fringe is only temporary. 😂😬
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