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ამოიდა ყელში ნუ #nofilter
dark? #nofilter
fall is gone #sideprofile
sent it into a curb the other day but we still kicking along just fine
winter color scheme. ft. driving gloves that are becoming theme of my clothing pics🙆‍♂️ #nofilter
brick wall pt.2
day 50 of #nogymchallenge . calisthenics come in play daily, from now. #nofilter
its crazy how much smaller camera makes me look. day 46 of #nogymchallenge , and day 2 of just calisthenics. thrilled to see if ill get any smaller, or will lift less as i get back to gym #nofilter #winteriscoming
from now on, participating in fitness, cars, clothing, and lifestyle will be real on ig. i promise😁 #throwback #nofilter