i do what i want

it’s Krista with a K
baby boy your love got me trippin’ on you
stand back lookin, mirror mirror on the wall
Are you down or what?
I did not come here to make no new friends
i could teach you a few things
If ya girl don’t get it poppin’ put me on your wishlist 🤷🏻‍♀️
babygirl you a dream & a nightmare
so much, forever 🌻🌙
I got em mad, they in they feelings 🤭
Can you give me all you?
I put the boy on now he feelin’ himself
she told me, finders keepers
she kept it so real I fuck with her foreva
hey bighead
I’m so lucky to have the privilege to watch you grow into this amazing little person who sees the beauty in everything and everyone around her. You teach me things everyday that I’d never thought I’d learn from someone so young. I’ll adore you forever ☀️💛🌻
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