the roof is not my son, but I will raise it

Today's our day. One of us is 85 percent Irish and the other is a classified midget / crazy little leprechaun who is a wee bit mad she doesn't have a cold green brew right now
(sound on) When I was little the things I looked forward to was long car rides in the summer with my family and being outdoors and exploring together. We would listen to music all the way down there nonstop with all the windows down pointing at our favorite views and watching the sunsets in different places while snacking on BBQ chips and loooads of cookies. My mom would have her bare feet on the dash, big sunglasses on singing and snort laughing while my dad drove the majority of the way (God damn gem he is.) us 4 sibs in the back of the car fighting over the last cookie, being bipolar about the AC and fighting over leg room, but loving the ride and the smell of outside and laughter. I still feel like a little kid on the inside & feel radiating happiness. not much has changed with road tripping w my family, Still my favorite thing in the world to do ***(FIRST TIME STAYING IN THE MOUNTAINS!!!)**
The Grand Canyon is hands down the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my entire life. No picture could ever do this justice
almost stepped on a rattle snake today but it's all good
Griff & I finding some good shops in New Mexico 🌟💛
Happy #internationalwomensday ladies. Today is the day for women who struggle with living in the comfort of their own skin battling through so many eating disorders and mental health because of our society's pressure to fit the "ideal" definition of beauty... (which is absolute bullshit if you ask me since everyone's beautiful in different ways). I have a whole lot of love to any woman who has is / has ever suffered with constant self deprecate thoughts and the struggles to feel comfortable in their own skin. Today is your day to celebrate our insecurities and PRAISE our bodies for the challenges it has been through because that's the coolest part about everyone in the world having different frames, scars, freckles, it builds character. This whole obsession with a "perfect" physical external appearance is non existent, media has put women into boxes and made us pick apart our flaws in the mirror for hours on days end. My heart aches for the girls skipping meals especially so young. Perfect is all bullsh*t, I think society forgets to remind women and young girls beauty is kindness... it's about putting our energy into helping others and making people feel loved. Today place a positive self talk in place of negative self talk. Today is for the hard fucking working moms, single moms, waking up and working every morning, juggling more than a couple jobs to put food on their children's plates all the while protecting, teaching and loving their children. Today is for our strong female teachers who mold us and educate us in our youth - for my mom. Today is about INTERSECTIONAL FEMINISM. Screw white feminism. Today is for the female figures making pivotal changes across the globe for women to rise in a society where we are so unwelcome to success. In Argentina, Botswana, India, Kenya, Nigeria, here in the US. Today is about using our voice for women all across the world who do not have one, and to use it is a political tool to help and enforce and FIGHT to create a life of equal opportunity, safe living spaces, equal pay... To any girl out there who has felt insecure, unworthy, lost, not valued, afraid, misunderstood, silenced, taken advantage of.. you are loved
Lol wednezzzday
life is all over the place right now, for me anyway but sometimes we gotta step back and remember to just be there and be present which ultimately make those lows not so bad. I like this
probably owe him like 450 $ overall for gas money ❣️
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