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🗽Seen first on 🎂 📆4 May 🔋 Indian and Candian ⛄ 👔Chemical Engineer 🏡Barodian 👑 Linkin park 🎸 Eminem 🎧 Artist 🎨

Memories 😊
If you aren't getting challenges, then you have chosen wrong path.. #wayfarersunglasses #photoshoot #beard
"It is foolish to fear what we have yet to see and know."- Itachi uchiha #itachi #naruto #art #anime #canvas
Ready to 'rock n roll' #partytime
"The ones who aren't able to acknowledge their own selves are bound to fail."#itachi #mondaymotivation
Sometimes its better to change yourself.. 🤥
Go to places which calms your mind and soothes your soul 😑
If you are not rich, then pretend to be one.. P.c.@thefenilpatel
Bhaiband 💪#friends
Be calm and patient, Every effort will pay off.. 😏
Keep your eyes on prize and always be ready to go.. P.c.:@thefenilpatel
Be the light at the end of the dark tunnel... P.c.@thefenilpatel #clubmaster
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