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Would much rather be in Jasper rn instead of writing this PhD thesis proposal, which is essentially me convincing faculty that my thesis project is worthwhile, which I guess won’t require a ton of convincing since everyone knows malaria is bad (coming up with experiments that will discover something new about the biochemistry of the parasite is the hard part) 💉
Sometimes it’s worth venturing deeper into a trail beyond the main attractions because you sometimes find views like this. Even better is that you usually have the view to yourself because the troves of tourists wouldn’t deviate further from the main attractions 🏞
Since I spent last summer in Banff and now Jasper this year, I think it’ll be easy for me to continue this trend next summer with BC (plus Jasper again cuz there’s so much I didn’t get to see) 🇨🇦
Before I go into the cool landscape I’ve seen, I just wanna say that solo travel is the most gratifying when you make friends along the way. The Canadians know how to have a good time! I feel like this summer-trip-to-Canada streak I’ve been on will be continuing in the coming summers 🇨🇦
Alrighty guys we are at T-minus 2 weeks until I fly out to Jasper! Any recommendations or suggestions for destinations are welcome. This will prob be my last post before I start posting photos from Jasper, this one’s from my favorite hike during my PNW trip! 🌿
It’s been 3 weeks since my last post! Haha oops. My trip to Jasper is only 1 month away, so I’ll be back to my regularly-scheduled posting after that. In the meantime, it seems you guys really love Kevin! He’s gathered quite the fanbase across my social media accounts, and if more of him is what you want to see, more of him you shall receive (stay tuned for upcoming Stories) 🌱
Yo guys guess what? I just booked my flights to Jasper National Park (Canada) for 2 weeks in late August!! Gonna be trading moody and foggy forests for some giant mountains and sweeping green valleys and vistas 🤩🏞
So yeahhhhhh excuse the lack of posts lately, I’ve just been preoccupied with life and responsibilities. Crystallizing proteins, training interns, growing my startup, spending my weekends on the boat.. I have no complaints tho, life is pretty good right about now! 🌿
Benefit of hiking in the winter: almost no tourists around to bother you 🌲
It’s p nice to actually be laid-back when you’re at work, like I greet professors with “hey whats up”, I refer to everyone in the department by first name (even Nobel Prize winner Peter (Agre)), and I have seen most dept faculty in some state of tipsy/drunk.. grad school is wild 👨🏻‍🔬
Just submitted a grant assignment for one of my classes and man am I glad I’m going into business after graduation because I cannot see myself writing grant applications for the rest of my life (praying 4 my academia friends).. good thing my PhD is fully funded and all I gotta do is just stay alive and do labwork, ain’t got no time to stress about looking for funding 👨🏻‍🔬
Even though this area borders a residential neighborhood, I for some reason felt the most unsafe here out of all the places I visited in WA.. I went during sunset and it was getting darker and darker the longer I lingered, and I started hearing rustling and footsteps near me (but no one was within sight) so my pace went from a leisurely walk to a full sprint back to my car 😅
Found out that there is a malaria research institute in Seattle and I’m highkey hoping they host conferences so I have a (totally professional and scientific) reason to go to the PNW, with strategically-planned extra days for “professional development” aka getting lost in the Cascade Mountains 🏞
P. munitum (western sword fern) is prevalent in western coast of North America and nowhere else. Except Pennsylvania for some reason, there are a lot of P. munitum over there. How did it get over there? 🤔
The cool thing about the PNW is that anything can be a surface to grow on; like trees growing on top of other (dead) trees 🌲
1 grant proposal and 1 final exam separates me from my upcoming summer travel plans, the destination is still a secret but not for long! 🏞
I hiked this trail with multiple layers on and wondered how others are hiking this in t-shirt and shorts, but after a couple minutes of walking I soon remembered that body heat generation is a thing that happens when you’re hiking 😅 I spent like the rest of the hike with my jacket off.. but one downside is that once you stop moving, you get cold very fast so I didn’t stop very often to get photos on this trail 🏞
Ferns ferns ferns, so resilient that their kind have survived AT LEAST 4 global extinction events, including the one that wiped out the dinosaurs and the majority of biodiversity on earth. Respect your neighborhood fern for all they’ve done to survive and adapt over these many millions of years 🌿
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