Kyle Senior

Trade your certainty for awe. BSU ‘21

Thankful. For views like these, for the best of friends, for an amazing partner, for God’s blessings, for adventures, for family, for everything. Happy Thanksgiving. #thanksgiving #nature #mountains #waterfall #idaho #rockymountains #northwest #river
Just like old times #hunting #outdoors #nature #sunrise
It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years since that night at homecoming where we danced in the parking lot while the gym was burning down. And since then, I’ve had the amazing privilege of experiencing life with you by my side, and I quickly learned that I wouldn’t want it any other way. Thank you for a mountain of incredible memories, your constant encouragement, adventures galore, and too many laughs to count. Here’s to all that lies ahead for us, I love you Mads 😘❤️
Really missing our mountain adventures right now. A little belated, but thank you for an incredible trip and making more amazing memories with me☺️
Got her hand to hold during this nail biter of a game 😌 #62 -7
Starting the semester off right. #idaho #mountains #river #nature #rockymountains
Back in the gem state. #idaho
I do this fun thing where I take post-worthy pictures and then procrastinate on posting them... regardless, the botanic gardens were beautiful, and so is she, and so was the bass pro shop I wanted to go to afterwords. It was a very good day with an amazing girl 😘 #nature #flower #denver
Happy birthday to the one and only Maddie Grigg! I’m so excited to see what 19 holds for you! Love ya 😘
America the beautiful... Happy birthday to the country I’m so blessed and proud to call home 🇺🇸🇺🇸 #4thofjuly #mounains #summer #nature #outdoors #colorado #sunset
It isn't summer without large amounts of both nature and allergies. #nature #mountains #colorado #river #lake
The last year and a half has just been too much fun! Happy anniversary Mads 😘
Tahoe was a dream destination for me, so naturally I was sick the entire time I was there. Regardless it was a great spring break, and i'm very thankful that @potterryan1998 and his family were willing to host us. #springbreak #laketahoe
Had such an amazing time this weekend ❤ I miss you already baby, come back soon 😘
Happy Valentine's Day to the one I hold closest to my heart. Im so blessed I get to be the one that holds you close. I love you Mads, i miss you and I can't wait to see you soon! ❤
Everybody always needs a lil time in God's country. #idaho #boise #nature #mountains #hiking
Wonderful time with the most amazing woman. I love you mads ❤
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