Lvl/17\(Mediators personality) one last coffee, so now can you kiss me?... chess, πŸ”11/13/16 πŸ’ž forever foolish, until the coin is flipped B.A.I.B.

-why must human feelings, feel so complex-
That's right bro
Ima just leave this here
Keeping her on my wishlist β˜ΊπŸ€€β€πŸ’ž only her tho 🀞🏽
I wish I was beside you right now
My baby boo deserves me at my best so I'll say I'm so sorry at first and then start building the tower for her love to climb upon even the most precious breath she takes will give me a million more stars to shine upon the pages, lakes and ponds that travels my body and my eyes so one of these days I hope I drown in her love just to fall back in love once again until that happens everything will become a smoother like her emerald love showering over my eyes and showing me what truly must matter at first and at second but most importantly at zero even with all the deeds it'll soon become a landslide with poems drping down with ink and with intrest of blood and sweat from the skin with the shining of the morning sun will brighten the eyes and struck the golden gates of her smile and just her cuteness will softly blind the light shining and just her overshadowing me would be enough to just make me want to sleep with her under my arms for another night of blood and sweat: ~
The night is still shallow so please kiss me with those stained lips of lust with that breath of cigarettes and that tongue laced with alcohol because all I really want to feel is your love digging oh so deeper inside my heart because all I want is your heart to be held against mine one night so that I know you'll always be there every day or night because my heart gets to feel yours softly beating against mine silently and soft and yet so raw and pure that the night turns to amber and your love turns my heart to emeralds upon your lips touching mine and your hand tightly interlocking with mine so pleasurefull that it feels like I should just embrace you and make sure that my heart will forever warm yours till the snow melts into a soft spring morning with each morning passing the taste of coffee and some candy will only be tasted and greeted by your lips in those special amazing mornings even now I don't really want to wait but it has to happen until I finally get to meet you in person and hold you closely and settle down and finally know it's alright and be taught to not be scared ever only to show true emotions to her and the people around me because they're more special then I ever hoped for... I miss you and I hope you know that
I've always wondered when the day was gonna end but never mind because I just found it always ends with another chapter of sadness and another page of memories to look through and another day to wonder what exactly being normal actually means, even now the poetry seems like it's the midnight rain when I think about the day I first actually went to someones house and that was the day I became a new person that was the day is where I felt the most alive even now when I sit in the hallways I always get the hazy and dizzy feeling when I look down and see the haunting memories of holding that hand and yet I am contempt to smile each time because I believe he was watching too with a big ol smile on his face as well.... even now I wonder what normal actually does mean... is it being happy without being sad? Or is it smiling and crying at night when the memories wash in at 4 am and dig deep into the chained heart... what if it's just being me that counts as being normal....
"Might as well be chillin with the cuzzins under the bridge while gettin roasted and knowing that Thanksgiving is coming early might as well call me a trash human being that has a brain thats scattered like mf pigeon so please don't ever go to me for personal advice for almost anything, if I don't like you then I might as well tell you to do the opposite of something so that I could drink some juice and give my girl sum fucking sauce for her with the midnight call and telling her how icy she be for loving me but it's because she makes the coins of the past melt like it was jus nothing but memories but when she sends me that selfie I start to feel the burning sensation and the butterflies in my stomach and she just be the most extraordinary comet to ever come into the field I roam upon so i hope her dragon like bad soul be staying by my lil whirl windy heart cuz she be the bang to my heart when she sends the cute ass texts but most of all she'll be the only one to keep my void heart full"
"Strawberry strangers, and white Rose's for the dire men"
This rain be looking invisible to the cam but honestly all I could see is the sky crying without the clouds and the rolling thunder so I wonder, is she crying right now? Or is someone close that I know is crying right now because I saw another wood pecker just looking for food at our window and now I dont know what to think about anymore except the crashing waves and the day I'll meet you. Honestly its tiring staying here sometimes but everyone makes me feel closed and secure for once and that's somethin nice to know: the burning feeling doesn't seem like it wants to stop at my heart~ ..
"Made a Wiseman who he is today, made a hated man who he is today, made a strong man look fragile, made a weak man look intimidating, made a mom's heart break, made a dad's heart break, I bet your family are proud of what you did, I bet you're proud of breaking a family, I bet you're going to be happy with the thing you've done today, I bet you think of yourself as a good man and right now no good nor bad man exists in this realm for a long time... even the smallest trivial thing can maybe change the entire situation or world its perception upon you... what will be your actions today? Will it be breaking a soul and killing a heart?? Or will it become a night where you are holding that kid in your arms cherishing the moment you didn't do a thing because you aren't a doer, you're just a pup who barks, as I would be a pup who barks back would be slaughtered on site and yet you may be left on the swing but no it wouldn't be like that for you, it would be much much different for you child.... I hope your entire life goes uphill for you" No.1407 darkness
"Falling in love sounds oh so trivial to my liking anymore and so now all I do is try and find the tiny sweet little strawberry within someone and see if they'll become a stranger or a best friend in my eyes or become someone I'll cherish as a family member and so now I mow the depressing thoughts outta my brain and think about life and how I should live it but rn all I think about is when I'll die or when I'll see the special person who fills the void that has darken my heart, eyes and mind... you make me wonder whether living and breathing is even worth it but you make it seem 'worth' has a better definition than it truly has and so now I must fight the other side of the coin and try to becomewholesome once more just to love you for all of eternity and give you gods hand death of the universe and give you the dying lovely stars bursting somewhere in the sea while I give you my whole heart I start to wonder, Am I A Blessing Or A Curse?"
I looked at materialistic things to be given to my mother when I could just tell her with my heart how much she means me to me even now, no gift could be greater then my love for my mum (I jus realize how cheesey this sounds)
I know I'm probably not the first poet to think of this and yet when I look at all my friends I start to wonder why do they stick around but anything sure is possible but oh well whatever:) I'll just have fun with them and make sure they have fun as well, even when they get on my nerves
With some empty pockets, best friend you make my life go a little bit more faster because I start to enjoy the lil things even when I dont want to but I'll treat you like royalty while running on hallowed diamond dreams with your friendship in mind and your personality in heart I hope that this little friendship will last another generation because I want every child of mine to experience true happiness inside a friendship with someone they could love as friends or family even now I'll be running down cold but as soon as I think of my best friend, she makes the entire day flip upside down and just make my smile flip up and make me feel like I should have a good time today or tomorrow because I'm probably only here for a good time but I don't know if I'm here for a long time but I'll enjoy every second i am with you :) and make sure to make you smile back when we talk
I was my mother's gift all along even without realizing it, I was the third gift from my father even when I didn't realize it, but I love my mother every second even when it sounds like a rainy day I still want to see the woman who gave me the air to breathe, gave me the heart to love and gave me soul to wander the earth even now I still write down poetry in secret so that one day I might pass it down from myself to another because the writings in the back of my head tells me that one day it is gonna happen, as a happy ending
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