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pro tip: ice cream is cheaper than therapy. Ur welcome. 🍦💁🏻
Some days you eat salads & go to the gym, some days you eat ice cream & refuse to go to put on pants. Life’s about balance 👐🏻 @finishlinewomen #WeAreMore #Adidas
she remembered who she was & the game changed 👏🏻 📷 @mattlesss
minus my @boohoo outfit this pic reminds me of a pic straight out of Halloween Town! Who else is excited for Halloween?!? #boohooontheroad ps. just posted a vlog showcasing all my outfits from this trip! Link in bio!
I never was too good at following rules 😏 (wbu??) 📷 @mattlesss
I’ve been spotted, but you don’t see me whining about it 👏🏻🐆🍷 #punlifechoseme
happiest of days when wearing no make up & fresh white @finishlinewomen #Adidas 😜#WeAreMore (which photo do you prefer 1 or 2?)
no matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything 💕 spread some love and say something nice about the person above you in the comment section 💬
enough of this 100 degree weather, thinking back to cooler times ❄️ (are you more of a winter or summer kind of person?)
when they ask you if you like wine 🍷 @boohoo #BooHooOnTheRoad
goes on a safari once... 🐆 (what’s your spirit animal?) 🦓🐅🦒🐘 @boohoo #BooHooOnTheRoad
Comes to San Francisco- takes pic on white wall 💬 @boohoo #BooHooOnTheRoad #Ad
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