La'Raven Rouse

Woman of God. Model. Full of Giggles & Faith πŸ’›

24Risk Website OFFICIALLY DROPPED! β€œ24 Hours in a day, How do you spend yours?” Website: Creator: @riskythetempest πŸ“Έ @diviemoss
See you next time November πŸ’š you showed out this year. Thank you Lord for surrounding me with my loved ones, everyone wishing me a happy birthday, showering me with presents and spending time with me all month long. Forever grateful & immensely blessed. Loving 25 already πŸ’‹
Because I missed Halloween, and my birthday is Sunday (11/11) and I feel I can do what I want πŸ€— #YourNeighborhoodNinja
Thank you @perpetual2018 for such an AMAZING experience! I met some beautiful models and talented designers, I love networking with such young ambitious souls and I can’t wait to encounter everyone again in this world of fashion. #perpetual #model #atlantamodels #newyorkmodels #fashion #pink #poise #melanin #makeup #curledhair #black #runwaymodels #printmodels #faith #blessed #booked #workingmodel
I know.. It only gets better & Better ✨
Bringing in the New Year the right way .. Inspired, Blessed, & Surrounded by Beautiful Souls #magazinesmemoriesandmimosas 🍾
I'm custom made, I can't fit in 🎈 Photographer: @trentshotme Choker: @19andbelow
Smile, you're designed to. Photographer: @trentshotme
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