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It’s too damn cold. Take me back to summer and afternoons on the beach.
Last week I had the absolute pleasure of working my first #BlizzCon with an amazing and hilarious crew. I was lucky enough to fall into the production side of esports broadcasts earlier this year with Hearthstone and I genuinely had the best time helping make the All Access stream for the Virtual Ticket a success. The days were early and long, I walked the length of a few football fields every day just to get anywhere in that convention center, and I still barely understand these video games, but I can’t wait to do it all again next year.
Get out there and do your civic duty! And also check out my awesome Storm Trooper Starry Night shirt because why not. Go Vote!!!!!!!
Happy Halloween!
Last weekend’s #eSports tournament: @pubg Mobile North American finals. Stage managing crew. One day I’ll start understand some of these video games that I keep working on. BlizzCon insanity starts up this week 🙌🏼
Another #Hearthstone tournament down and I’m starting to vaguely understand how this game works. Next stop: BlizzCon!
Birthday Brunch for @trent_alexander last weekend was so much fun! Mimosas for everyone. 🥂🍊
iHeart Festival was so much fun. Justin Timberlake blew me away, Shawn Mendes was adorable, and there was a 10 minute guitar solo during Freebird. Couldn’t have asked for more. See you in December Vegas!
Procrastinating on unpacking the last few moving boxes in the new place. So here’s a picture of doing touristy things when @beccaforce & @jawnforce were visiting. Fun Fact: the Urban Light instillation at the LACMA was created by fellow @ucirvine alum Chris Burden.
So much fun Kayaking on Saturday. Took too many pictures and successfully managed to not drop my phone in the water.
A day of recovery later (and by recovery I mean a 12 hour day of work omg I’m still exhausted), but our annual Con family dinner photo. This year was a weird one, but #SDCC is always a magical experience. Came home with a long list of To-Be-Read books from all the literary panels, even more @wetaworkshop merch because I can’t help myself, and an XBox One (send game recs because I have no clue what to play on that thing). Til next year San Diego ✌🏼
The face of overconfidence and then immediate regret. Ate some bugs at the #LaraCroft #ShadowOfTheTombRaider experience to get a spin at the wheel, then lucked out and won an X-Box. Not too shabby for Day 2 of #ComicCon .
#HarryStyles Live On Tour: The Final Show. Turns out you never really grow out of being a teenybopper.
Spent the weekend running around behind the scenes on the #Hearthstone Summer Championship live broadcast. Still have no idea how the game actually works though, despite watching over 20 hours of gameplay.
UCB Improv 101 is complete! Loved loved loved learning and laughing with this crew.
Survived my first Red Carpet! (From the production side at least.) Make sure to watch the pre-show for the MTV Movie & TV Awards tonight for plenty of fun. And thanks to @filmjamie for the boomerangs that I definitely stole off your story 😁
Happy Father’s Day!
Love when people come visit LA and I have an excuse to go to Disneyland again. 💜❤️ #Repost @beccaforce ・・・ Truly the happiest place on earth
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