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A sunset in Tuscany. (Advertisement) • The village of #Pomarance is a rather hidden gem. While we walked the streets at sunset we only met a couple of cats and a few locals in the one bar that was open... ☺️ • While villages like Volterra and San Gimignano are filled with tourists - even in May - here you can experience Tuscany in its more original state. • I’ll release a blogpost soon with some of the tips for this region - so stay tuned if you’re up for a Tuscany experience off the beaten path. • This photo was made during a trip on invitation by #visitpomarance and #thegira #tuscany #toskana
Ciao Tuscany! (Advertisement) • I still can’t believe we were driving through Tuscany in a Tuk-Tuk. This was by far the coolest way to discover a region. • Unfortunately it was really cold (damn you May!), but we still enjoyed our ride a lot (and the locals did too - judging from how they smiled and waved at us)! 😉 • Have you ever driven a Tuk-Tuk? • #visitpomarance #veryagriturismo #thegira
Gliding into the day... • Sorry guys - I had too much red wine today, so no clever caption tonight 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 • Just let me tell you, a hot air balloon ride might be my favorite reason to set an alarm before sunrise 😉! #namibia #sossusvlei #namibsky #hotairballoon
Contemporary Nomad. A story for @chloe #chloegirls . (Advertisement) • The life as a travel photographer and blogger is defined by a mix of working on the road and pausing when at home. Therefore coming home is sometimes like a vacation to me. This year I learned to take things slower and invest more time into a destination, but also into the pauses in between my travels. • Read more about what I learned about living like a contemporary nomad now on!
Zebra kids playing. • Those two small zebras were playfully wrestling and kicking each other at Etosha National Park. • We initially had planned to leave Etosha out of our schedule as we had already spent a full week at @erindinamibia with all the wildlife we had dreamed of. But then everyone told us that we needed to see Etosha and it’s very different landscape as well. • And we didn’t regret our choice, although we had to skip other parts of Namibia instead. Bottom line: 3 weeks aren’t enough for this vast country! We will definitely come back to explore more of the South and also visit the Caprivi region... hopefully sooner than later! • Thanks to @mokutietoshalodge for hosting us - just next to the gates of the Etosha National Park!
New video & blogpost about my nomadic life as a travel photographer for @chloe is out! [▪️LINK IN BIO]. (Advertisement) • The new NOMADE scent has become my travel companion since my last trip to Namibia. It’s Chypre tones are like a perfect representation of the desert - it smells like the shimmering sand, the flowers that bloom after a misty morning and the earthy roiboos tea with a slice of fresh lemon in it. • On the blog I’m sharing my thoughts on traveling as a job and what coming home means for a contemporary nomad like me. Hop on over and let me know what you think! #ChloeGirls
Flamingo family. • These three young Flamingos have started feeding on crabs and algae to develop their pink color. Before they eat on their own they still have grey feathers. • Fun fact: Baby flamingos are fed milk by their mother AND father! Male flamingos can also produce milk and therefore they share the feeding responsibility with their female partners. I guess that would be quite an invention for humans as well 😉 • #namibia #flamingo
Our tent in the dunes. • The @wolwedans dune camp consists of 9 luxury tents surrounded by the vast landscapes of the NamibRand Nature Reserve. With over 2.000 square kilometers it’s one of the largest privately owned nature reserves in Namibia - although it was formerly just degraded farmland with depleted soil and wildlife. • Now sustainability is one of the core elements of Wolwedans and it centers around low impact tourism to fuel the conservation efforts. In the last 15 years over 1600 km of fences were removed and the wildlife numbers have increased tremendously. From less than a 1000 springbok, the population has now climbed to over 11 000 just as one example. • It’s been quite an experience to explore the NamibRand and see how much work goes into restoring a landscape that was virtually exhausted by humankind. Thanks to @Wolwedans for supporting our stay. #wolwedans #namibrand #namibia
Welcome to Oryx Land. • This road leads to a stretch of land called the „NamibRand“ - literally the edge of the Namib desert. • This privately owned nature reserve is founded on the principle of land recultivation. Where the sand dunes meet the savannah is where farmers used to raise their sheep or other livestock just a few decades ago. • Since all the fences have been taken down wildlife is slowly reappearing. First and foremost the Oryx - a stately antelope. But there’s also the first predators coming in - like leopards and lions. Welcome back to Mother Nature! • We stayed at the completely secluded @wolwedans Dune camp - in a luxury tent built into the dunes. This was the first place in Namibia where we didn’t get plastic bottles for our drinking water, but reusable metal bottles. That’s how far their nature reservation efforts go and even further. The tents don’t have electrical outlets, so guests are sharing electricity (coming mostly from solar power) in the main reception area. This helps reducing power usage during their stay in the desert. • Over candlelight we ate dinner while watching the crescent moon rise and the only sound was the wind whistling over the sand dunes. Thanks @wolwedans for the hospitality! #wolwedans
„On being a contemporary nomad“ for @chloe ’s new scent: NOMADE. (Advertisement) • Endless stretches of sand dunes, wide horizons, glimmering sunrises and rose-colored sunsets. Life on the road can shine in many ways. • When I decided to give up my office job to pursue a life of travel photography and blogging I made a conscious decision to be a nomad, but in my personal way. • On the blog I’ll share insights into my life as a contemporary nomad today, powered by #ChloeGirls .
Flamingos in the wild. • After my last very sad flamingo encounter (flamingos with cut wings contained to a hotel beach) this sight was a beautiful relief. • These wonderful animals are extremely shy and would rather not be in human contact. Here in Walvis Bay they have enough space to feed without interfering with human habitat - and we still get to watch them. • I will never understand why people need to touch or feed wild animals. I know they are beautiful and wonderful to watch, but there’s no need to interfere with their life in an unnatural way. Their lives have been affected enough by humans anyhow. • #namibia #walvisbay #flamingo #flamingos
Rare occasions. • Why I stood in front of the camera for once will soon be revealed. (Usually I don’t do these anticipatory posts, but sometimes it’s a good idea to break your own rules 😉). • See you soon! Thank you my dear @lionheaded for giving up your spotlight for me and taking over the camera ❤️
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