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Flamingos - wild & free. • The colonies at Walvis Bay are massive! We caught a first glimpse from the sand dunes and couldn’t believe our eyes. There were thousands and thousands of #flamingos flying around between the sand dunes. • What you can’t see here is that there are saltine water ponds hidden behind the dunes - which seems like quite a contradiction. • As opposed to Aruba (read my last post for more) the flamingos in this part of #Namibia roam freely and you won’t be able to take a selfie with them. Just the way I prefer my flamingos! ❤️ • #flockofbirds #flockofflamingos
Remember my flamingo story from #Aruba ? • The sad truth about the shy animals who are imprisoned on a hotel beach made it to @spiegelonline today. • Together with @rrrudya and @bellcollective we are shifting the perspective on female travel photography. Away from women being the subject in their own travel photos towards women actually using the camera to shed a light on the world and tell stories, that go beyond pretty. • Check my insta stories for the link if you’re up for a read and some amazing photos of the wonderful women of #BellColl .
Zebra musings at #Etosha National Park. • When we went on our #Namibia trip we had initially planned to skip Etosha. You might ask why - because the National Park is one of the most important items on visitors’ itinerary. • Well, we had a full week of Safari with guides at @erindinamibia and thought we wouldn’t need a self-drive Safari after this experience. • Yet - we changed our plans and spent two nights at Etosha at the end of our trip. • But, to be honest - when it comes to wildlife - nothing beats what we saw at Erindi. On the blog I have released a full post with everything you need to know about Etosha and why I think this is a safari experience you might want to trade for a visit of a private lodge with professional wildlife guides. • More on!
① or ② • Ask @lionheaded and he will tell you how I have a deficiency when it comes to making decisions. Especially when it comes to my photography. • I took around 200 photos and edited around 20 shots of that early morning scene at the lake and still can’t decide which one I like most... 🙈 • So tell me, which one‘s your favorite? (In any case those reflections were amazing, even if they only lasted for a couple of minutes.) #dachsteinrundwanderweg #schladmingdachstein
Currently missing a nice sunset because of that soccer game 🤷🏻‍♀️ Who else is glued to their TV right now? ☺️ • While we wait for the ceremony I’ll treat you with another shot from a wonderful sunrise in the Dachstein region. • In my story I just added a glimpse into some of the shots from our week long hiking adventure here. Let me know which ones you like best! • #dachsteinrundwanderweg #schladmingdachstein
Sunrise view at mount Sinabell. • Since a couple of days I’m collecting sore muscles everyday - hiking the trails around the Dachstein 😉 • Views like these are totally worth the pain, although I have to admit I wouldn’t mind a cable car once in a while 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ • Are you team hiking or team cable car? #dachsteinrundwanderweg #schladmingdachstein
Attracting some looks in Austria! 🇦🇹 (Advertisement) • During our road trip with @mitsubishiaustria we sure attracted some nosy looks... 😉 Swipe right to see who I’m talking about ☺️ • More soon on the @mitsubishiaustria account. • #DriveyourAmbition #Mitsubishi • Anzeige / Werbung
Preview for the next 3 days at the beautiful #Wörthersee . (Advertisement) • A couple of weeks ago I shot a campaign for @veldenwhitenights and @visitwoerthersee with a crew of awesome people dressed in all white (check @poschstyle @fashiontweed @lionheaded @sandagutic and @wegscheidermarcel ). • And today I packed my white dress (yes, I own such a thing next to my outdoor attire 😂) and will join #thewhitesideoflife . • (Who else is annoyed that everything is now supposedly an advertisement? I was not paid for this post, but just wanted to share a piece of my work... well, there you go... it’s an ad!) 🤷🏻‍♀️
Hello Austria! 🇦🇹 (Advertisement) • After some travels it’s been a nice change to discover a bit of Austria in the last weeks. Together with @mitsubishiaustria we toured the rolling hills of the Wienerwald region to create a photo story for them. Soon there will be more of my photos on their account (and maybe even outside of Instagram 😉). Stay tuned! • #DriveyourAmbition #Mitsubishi • Anzeige / Werbung
A different view of that famous church in #SouthTyrol . (Advertisement) • There are certain places in the world where it’s hard for a photographer to find a new perspective. • After a couple of years on Instagram some photos are burnt into your brain. Like a virus they spread and get recreated hundreds of thousands of times. The same goes for the one famous view of this little chapel in a sleepy village in South Tyrol. • This is the view in the other direction, which is different and maybe a little less iconic, but more me ☺️🤷🏻‍♀️ • #visitsouthtyrol #Suedtirol @visitsouthtyrol
#Notpictured : Because we were too late for a proper sunset hike I was standing right on the tracks of a skiing slope with a chair lift dangling over me to get this perspective 🤷🏻‍♀️ Instagram vs. Reality can sometimes trick you hard 😉 • Obviously there’s better places to watch the sunset glow in the Dolomites. I’m sometimes just at the wrong place at the wrong time. • And you know who’s fault it is? Hotels and their dinner times!! 😉 Always right at the golden hour... and food does come first (right!??). 😂 #sorrynotsorry#visitsouthtyrol #Suedtirol #SouthTyrol @visitsouthtyrol
Early morning at #LagodiBraies . (Advertisement) • My favorite part about that boat ride was that the boat rental owner had to break into his own shop to open it from inside... 😂 • Just a normal morning in #Southtyrol - doing it the Italian way! 😍 • @visitsouthtyrol #visitsouthtyrol #Suedtirol
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