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Inspirational story: This brother is an Engineering student. Saw him selling leather jackets outside Saddar. I felt so heartbroken and instantly felt like helping him. I gave him my intro and asked him the price of black leather jacket. He replied in fluent English, " Brother It is for Rs.5000". This as well impressed me and again broke my heart a little. We sometimes argue with our parents, fight with them and ask them to pay our university fee and this guy is working hard just to study.. My eyes were full of tears and i said, "Yaar thora kam kardo toh mae khareed lun ga". He replied, "Bhai yeh mere dosto nay khareedi hain mujhay pakra kar kahin chalay gaye hain bsdk, woh samnay dukaan hai wahan say lay lain aap". The end. Thank you for reading this inspirational story..
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