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My #tb today goes to the day my dream came true 😍❤️ Just can’t get enough #FB2017
REVOLTANTE #Repost @vikmuniz ・・・ Marielle Franco, vocal councilwoman against police brutality in underprivileged areas in Rio. An extremely rare glimpse of hope for our ethically moribund system, was murdered yesterday. She should inspire a torrential insurgency of feelings and actions and an entire generation of women like her. She should continue living as a symbol of justice.
Night out with my girls 📸 @bara_holotova
“...her wings are cut and then she is blamed for not knowing how to fly” By Simone de Beauvoir Happy international Women’s Day
#Repost @angelcandices ・・・ 🐘 Does my mom look like a Trophy to you? We cannot allow the Trump administration to lift the ban on elephant trophy imports. Protect me from trophy hunters by demanding Interior Secretary @repryanzinke end this immediately! Phone: (202) 208-7351 Email: #Iamnotatrophy #knotonmyplanet #savetheelephants #elephantcrisisfund @usinterior @elephantcrisisfund 📷: Joerg Gabriel •••The Trump Administration has once again given in to the efforts of the NRA and the Safari Club International and has sneakily issued a court filing that it will allow the importing of elephant and lion trophies from South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia whom are both on the Endangered Species List.
Hello Miami☀️
Happy birthday baby! God bless your beautiful ❤️ thanks for keeping up with me, I know is not easy😜 love you @themartyharper
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One of my secret weapons for #oscars !! @victoriassecret Sexy Illusions Strapless #KeepUpTheSexy
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LA vibes ✨✨
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