“The Tide Is Rising” 🌊 🌊

If haven’t done so yet check out your boys cover! (link in bio) 🎵🤙🏼#peterframpton #lakeywaves 🌊 🌊 . 🎥 Edit/Film: @crs.cinema
Covered one of my favorite songs this month.. “Baby, I Love Your Way” by Peter Frampton.. Full Video (link in bio) #peterframpton #lakeywaves 🌊 🌊 . 🎥 Edit/Film: @crs.cinema
“The Tide Is Rising” 🌊 🌊 #lakeywaves
I’ve known @williegomez for awhile now and he truly is one of the hardest workers I know.. Whether it’s dancing or singing his work ethic is superb.. “Keep On” bro your killing it! Download his single now {link in his bio} !!!! 🔥🎵🔥🎵 #originalmusic #williegomez • Artwork animation by @edyshot
Have u seen our cover to “Hit Me Baby One More Time” yet?! Check it out!! [link in bio] @williegomez #britneyspears #williegomez #lakeywaves #music
On 8/8/18 I’ll marry this woman! #fiance #newyear #2018 #savethedate #8yearsandcounting
Thank you for all the support and love throughout the years! Shoutout to everyone that came to our shows! Gonna miss this group so much! #britneyspears #pieceofme #thefinalbow
#2018 Let’s Do This! #lakeywaves #newyear
As I look back at the 4 years spent on this journey I am so humbled by all that we’ve accomplished together. Through our shows, jokes and even disagreements at times.. it’s safe to say we are a closer family now than ever before. I believe I’ll see all of these faces again very soon because this isn’t the end.. It’s merely the turning of a page to a new chapter.. I love all of you so much!! Thank you for 4 years I’ll never forget! @britneyspears #britneyspears #pieceofme #cast #family
#2017bestnine .. Ready for the New Year! #2018
Dropping a 🎵 video today with my brother @williegomez for his bday .. Everyone go wish him a happy birthday and stay tuned!! I can’t believe we only have 2 shows left with the boss lady @britneyspears #britneyspears #pieceofme
The best piece of music I’ve created thus far.. When I made Roses a year ago I was in a vulnerable place going through what we all experience as lovers once or multiple times in a lifetime.. Roses was my outlet.. Music that allowed me to let out what I couldn’t express any other way.. Shoutout to my dear friends 🎥: @jose_thruthelense & 🎵: @scottygrand for bringing this to life! #lakeywaves #oneyearago 🌹ROSES - DEC.2016🌹
Dancing with a few friendly faces today for the LIVE performance of @greatestshowman during @christmasonfox on @foxtv.. Tune in and watch us hit some steps! #thegreatestshowman #hughjackman #zendaya #zacefron #kealasettle #fox
Gonna miss you Kaua’i.. Mahalo for the memories! #kauai #hawaii #lakeywaves
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