young, wild and free

learning a lot from my couple goals ed and lorraine warren
just like a gayxa ⛩
“forço minhas costas a endireitarem, meus ombros a se abrirem. entendo agora o que eles querem dizer com ‘manter a cabeça erguida’ e, às vezes, fico surpresa com o tanto de transformação interior que uma postura ereta proporciona. quando faço uma pose fisicamente orgulhosa, sinto-me um pouquinho menos torturada.”
are you guys having a psychic conversation? because I can’t decide if that’s cool or really rude.
I could spend a lifetime holding your hand.
really missing this place. 📷 @jujubisr
come join me. my garden needs tending.
take me back. 📷 @jujubisr
si yo soy para vos y vos sos para mi, no hay manera de perdernos 💕
when your gf knows how to make you laugh (and take pictures of it)
but first... ☕️
you know what my mother used to call me? dangerous. “you’re a dangerous girl” she was right. i am dangerous.
power to the girls.
fit me better than my favorite sweater.
feliz aqui no habitat natural de poison ivy
once a best friend, always a best friend.
looking better in black than the widows of our enemies
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