Austin Lamb

When I'm not filming I'm skating πŸŽ₯. Watch this!\/\/

@jamie_foy 😳😳
No tail ? No problem . 🀳🏼 @taliamay
#jhf 🀳🏼 @hoseapeeters
Last sesh of 2018 🀳🏾 @boojohnson
I need a longer flat bar πŸ€” #skateboarding @juicewrld999
Before the cops kicked us out 🀳🏾 @keelandadd @jhf @thrashermag
4 piece or 2 piece? @unfamiliarparty
@zionwright_ part now playing on @thrashermag some clips I filmed for it πŸ’™
Dm for business Inquires **** @boojohnson killin shit
Fakie pullup Rite brief. @levis
2 piece @unfamiliarparty πŸ’™
lil 50 popout
@fgustavoo 😳🀯🀯 music @roddyricch every seasonπŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Havent krooked a big rail in a while this was funπŸ’™ @jhfco #jhf
@thrashermag πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ my favorite company what’s urs?? #jhf @jhfco
Lil line at USC πŸ“² @keelandadd #jhf
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