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It Was All A Dream, a concept album on love gained and lost, is out February 14th. First single is out now, link below.

I took this picture last summer while on vacation with this girl. Those moments shared with her hang in time in a way I've never experienced before. For me, this album is ultimately a letter to her and how she has changed my life and perspective. Then she blessed us in an even greater way and contributed to the album in vocals (that part written by @ladyrimusic , more on her later this week) and on piano on a later track and took our art to such a greater level I couldn't even imagine. I'm in awe of her as a person and can't wait to see the art of life that we create going forward. Get ready to dream.
It Was All A Dream is a concept album that started with a poem. I wrote this poem last year, trying to reflect on both love lost and love gained at the same time, and concluding that both the negatives and positives of love make me feel like I'm dreaming. Whether it's wanting my failures and mistakes to fade like a dream would, or realizing newfound freedom shows me that life can share a space with bliss when you find the right person, love will always exist in the dreamspace for me. So we started with the above poem. Each line was a title to a song yet crafted until months of hardwork led us to where we are now: a concept album full of pop heaters, gutteral and psychedelic trap bangers, and even emotional ballads, all wrapping up in a neat 28 minutes. Thank you to those that give it a chance, we love you forever. Get ready to dream.
It Was All A Dream, a concept album on love gained and lost, is out February 14th. First single is out now, link in bio.
‪💙💙💙we bringin the lovebug music this time💙💙💙‬ ‪Listen to 18 now and tell me what you think 🌀🌀🌀‬
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Two albums, one EP, eleven music videos: 2018 was pretty good to me. There's at least one more album on the way very soon, but 2019 I'll be expanding even more and getting my hands in more buckets. Maximum lame art coming.
sheets so thinly spread making my deathbed with what I’ve shed
The new and old me should be at contrast. We become the ones that we eventually downcast. And outlast the genres we were typecast. Patient love is unsurpassed.
stay noided. stare at the shadows.
‪dis some shitty art we made. digital bliss been out hoe. link to the full video in my bio. ‬
keeping an eye on the future with my heart in the past
digital bliss founding metaphysical harmony long sought.
strangers along the way represent memories I wish still lived. luckily this isn’t for forever.
you haven’t thought enough. you haven’t sought enough. you haven’t bought enough. . . this is shit I used to believe. it’s still the same stuff I hear every day though. from outsiders and insiders. but what if my fears and worries are not meant to be answered. and the joy I find in life is in the parts I didn’t see coming or understand. don’t belittle someone’s anxiety or depression in the physical by only referencing them to the metaphysical. stay in the positive wavelength.
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