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DIGITAL BLISS IS OUT. Summer trap bangers with a sticky dollop of surreal hooks and melodies. Search digital bliss on your favorite streaming platform

‪DIGITAL BLISS IS OUT. Summer trap bangers with a sticky dollop of surreal hooks and melodies. Search "digital bliss" on your favorite streaming platform. ‬
‪syrup drippin down my leg. furry freak out now on all streaming sites. video link in bio. DIGITAL BLISS out this week. ‬
‪glaciers on my wrist while my bitch is sucking dick. furry freak out now on all streaming sites. video link in bio. ‬DIGITAL BLISS out this week.
Digital Bliss, our second studio album, is coming later this week.
everything lines up when it needs to. furry freak tonight.
it’s just young blank and the furry freak. video next week.
‪I don’t mean to offend but I thought a friend would always defend, but you’re drowning in that nookie, wouldie couldie fuck shit, it ain’t a wonder‬ (there's a storm brewing, it'll come rain down here soon, but you gotta watch out for the snakes when the moisture comes)
‪Chest pain turns into cutting veins, never claimed to be sane (final push this week, it's coming soon)‬
My free will atop a throne Turned off brained it Holy Ghost Overdose, on god
But that’s just me yo, like Greedo, dreaming of times I can let go Schleepin at the wheel, comin squeals can’t conceal
Looking at the next stage of life makes me want to unravel, but that's what I used to do when I was a kid. We made it here and we'll make it there, I'm sure of it.
‪Always feeling like a vagrant who's overstayed my welcome disobeyed the knife blade‬
ain’t got shit but a big flick.
We’ve been working really hard on the next album. It’s coming out really soon. It’s an art piece designed for sweetness; every song could be the single, they’re all bangers. Yes, we’re still weird and making unique tracks, but we just wanted to package something a little more digestible for this round. It’s exactly what you’re looking for to finish out the summer and we’ll have it out in time for that. We honestly probably could have had it out already, but we’ve been on vacation for like 3 weeks. You’ll see some pictures from that; pay attention to those and you’ll be the first to know about the new sounds. Feds are lurking. Thank you for your confidence.
It’s sad to see how much I still want to see myself fail. Self-mutilation is a pattern I thought I had left in the past, but in reality it’s just morphed itself into something more subtle and devious. I densely act like an asshole sometimes just so I can enjoy saying my life sucks. It’s like once I’m happy for the first time in a long time, I really miss the comfort I found in depression; the comfort of at least knowing one thing is for certain: I’m not worth it. I know that’s not the reality, but if you’re used to the dark, the light can hurt in unexpected ways. Right now I’m trying to linger less on the actual obstacles I’m facing, and more about how I react and why. I’m not very good at it yet and sometimes I still angry cry so much that my eyes are swollen and my head hurts, but that’s the fun part about being human: You’re not ready until you are, which coincides with when you need to be. Working on growing out of childish cycles and accepting fate in a more trusting and loving manner. Thank you for your confidence.
Friends can’t always be there for you. I hold a lot of bitterness in my heart when people fail me, but I’m learning that I only do that because I’m afraid of humbling myself and asking for help. I don’t blame anyone for not seeing that I need help either, because living with anxiety and depression breeds a talent of hiding the worst parts of yourself as a survival technique. This week I was able to see my friends reaching out to another friend who was grieving; It was beautiful, visceral, messy, vulgar, tearful, hilarious, and kind of fucked up at different points, but that’s love. Seeing mistakes happen between loved ones at the worst of times and then allowing for those mistakes to be covered in grace by friendship is one of the coolest things I’ll ever experience. I love my friends. The ones who were at the table know who they are. Thank you for your confidence.
Recently there have been a lot of negative forces trying to use me. A lot of these negative energies come from sources that are traditionally designed to be supportive & positive. Having the ones you trust misuse the freedom found in a personal relationship makes me want to second guess love as a whole. This time of my life makes me feel like I am going to split in two & I cannot do anything to stop it. In spite of being spit on by the ones I cannot forget, I have also never experienced such selfless love, care, & empathy from the one who has been there each step. She does not have to be there for me & has freedom to resent & run, but does not. She exemplifies true love & is the best human I have ever met. My prayers are filled with two thoughts: hoping you have/find someone like her & that I can exercise the demons chasing me into relatable & enjoyable art for all of you. Thank you for your confidence.
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