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When you’re in love, you’re even more yourself. Whether it’s self-love or love for someone else, declare it with #Tresor Eau de Parfum, poetry in a bottle that, with every spray, evokes that emotion that makes you feel like time has stood still and nothing can take away your happiness. How does love make you feel? Tell us in the comments and declare your happiness! #Lancome #Perfume
Life is a beautiful book and you’re the author. How will you write your next chapter? What #Tresor are you? Delicate, light and luminous like Trésor Eau de Parfum or sultry, smouldering and passionate like La Nuit Trésor? Whatever you choose, live beautifully ever after with Lancôme’s iconic scents of l’amour. #Lancome #Perfume
“A little bit… a lot… like crazy...” There are so many ways to declare your love in French and the iconic fragrance of #Tresor evokes every single one of them. Even words can’t express that feeling of everlasting love that envelops you in happiness, but Trésor Eau de Parfum’s delicate, romantic, luminous scent says it all. #Lancome #Perfume
Beautiful arched brows are effortless with the Brôw Shaping Powdery pencil. Shape your brows and show off your unique Brow-titude! #Lancome #Nofilter #browsareyourpower
Shape up and make-up with Brôw Shaping Powdery Pencil! Unlock the power of your brows all day long with this long lasting silky smooth formula available in 10 shades. #Lancome #Nofilter #browsareyourpower
Get your eyebrows in shape! Reveal perfectly arched eyebrows with Brôw Shaping Powdery Pencil. #Lancome #Nofilter #browsareyourpower
Brow you way with Brôw Densify Powder-to-Cream. The one-of-a-kind applicator and formula come in 14 different shades to instantly unlock a bolder, fuller eyebrow look. #Lancome #Nofilter #browsareyourpower
Create effortless beautiful eyebrows with Brôw Densify Powder-to-Cream. One application for a natural look, two for bold brows or up to three for a sophisticated all-eyes-on-your-brows look. #Lancome #Nofilter #browsareyourpower
When it comes to your brows... The fuller the better. Reveal your bold personality with a matching bold brow look thanks to Brôw Densify Powder-to-Cream. #Lancome #Nofilter #browsareyourpower
Sparse brows? Use Brôw Define pencil to easily draw short and precise hair-like strokes for beautiful, full eyebrows! #Lancome #Nofilter #browsareyourpower
Say au revoir to thin brows and define your brow attitude! Fill in your brow power with Brôw Define pencil for beautiful full brows in one effortless application! #Lancome #Nofilter #browsareyourpower
14 shades of GREAT. Reveal the full potential of your brows with your signature shade of Lancôme’s Brôw Define pencil. What’s the hue for you? #Lancome #Nofilter #browsareyourpower
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