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We are the Lancôme women. We are passionate. We are real. We are allies. We are #happinessactivists and we’re just getting started.

Do you see la vie en rose even in the winter? Beauty is all around you if you keep your eyes open. What's your trick to feeling beautiful even when the temperatures drop? Share in the comments! #Lancome #AWintersRose
Introducing this year's L'Absolu Gloss line-up. So many colors and finishes to express every emotion and keep lips hydrated, refreshed, plumped and comfortable whether you're hitting the slopes or cozying up inside for a night of smooching with non-sticky lips! What's your fave shade? Caprice 132, C’est ma chance ! 105, Grafitti 382, Atelier Parisien 213 or L’Absolu Velvet Matte 313 Rose Porte Bonheur? #Lancome #AWintersRose
The snow must go on! It's snowing in Paris! No matter what the temperatures outside, keep lips hydrated, plump, moisturized and always ready for the spotlight with the versatile shades of L'Absolu Rouge. Please give a round of applause to this seductive trio: Caprice 132, Indecise 122 and Bouquet Finale 367 #Lancome #AWintersRose
A bold look for a snow-covered film festival premiere or just looking to add some heat to a cold, frosty night. A burst of fresh lip color will make you the star of the season wherever you are. Get this hot red lip look with L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte in 82 Tapis Rouge #Lancome #AWintersRose
Even in the cold of winter, remember: life is beautiful. La Vie Est Belle is not just a fragrance – it's a choice to live your life and fill it with beauty. What do you find most beautiful about wintertime? Tell us in the comments and share your happiness! #Lancome #LaVieEstBelle #AWintersRose
Your skin vs. daily life. Let the games begin! The full coverage, shine-free, caking and creasing-free TeintIdoleUltra Wear is undefeatable! This oil-free, longwear, comfortable matte foundation lasts for up to 24H so you can go out and take on the world! #Lancome #TeintIdole
What’s on your agenda today? Whatever exciting adventures await you, make sure you can do it without having to touch up your make-up. TeintIdoleUltra Wear was made for those long days or endless nights, And 98% of women agree that the color stays true all day! #Lancome #TeintIdole
From the red carpet to your living room carpet —from movie stars and influencers to women all over the world —TeintIdoleUltra Wear, Lancôme’s iconic long wear foundation has been tried and trusted for over 20 years. Will you join the TeintIdoleUltra Wear family? #Lancome #TeintIdole
For @floracoquerel confidence means being proud of yourself. What’s your definition of confidence?Tell us in the comments. «Her true color is: 050 (Beige Ambré) /410 (BISQUE W) #Lancome #TeintIdole
Being beautiful is not just about how you look. For @K.els.e.y , it’s a matter of confidence, the first step to loving ourselves. Are you ready to show your true colors? Her true color is: 023 (Beige Aurore) /215 (BUFF N) #Lancome #TeintIdole
@chinutay the right idea -it’s all about loving yourself first, everything else will follow. Tell us one thing you love about YOU in the comments! Her true color is: 050 (Beige Ambré) /410 (BISQUE W) #Lancome #TeintIdole
Bold. Real. Intense. Generous. Limitless. Your skin reflects your inner beauty and shows the world your true colors. Wherever you are on the color spectrum, find the shade that makes you unique with the 45 shades of Teint Idole Ultra Wear. #Lancome #TeintIdole
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