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So humbled by this, all I can do is smile and Thank God!
Let us take a minute to take in the moment and enjoy each other!
Sweet Dreams and special moments are made of these!! Congrats to @i_will_have_the_last_laugh and @rjsig263 !!
What movie comes to mind when you see this?? đŸ¤” #couplesgoals #dumbobrooklyn #magazinecover
Special thanks to xclusivephotobooths for taking notice of my work. It’s really humbling and cool to support each other! Please check out their blog... #quinceañera #quinceanera #quincy #crystalballroomveranda
Loving this image!! NYC style!!
Beautiful smile to brightened the morning from bowling sensation @paulinachantal !
New things to come from Landen Conner Photo!!Stay tuned
"The Conners" celebrating my bro and sis wedding night @cjjrphoto and @nola_bebe. Love yall!! #onceuponagavion
Love it when I meet and see this lady! SF family! #shutterfest #photographerunited #photographers
Looking towards life together brings a smile!
What happens when your shooting a headshot session and the client is "cool as the other side of the pillow "
40 years of marriage and they still look at each other with ABSOLUTE love and JOY!! Hopefully this makes someone smile today.
Moments - grandma still looks at her grand son as her baby on his big day #crystalballroomveranda #moments Wedding coordinator : @ninosmc
Groom photo time!! #onceuponagavion
Life on the other side of the camera!!! Let's do this #onceuponagavion @cjjrphoto @nola_bebe
So happy for my brother from another mother!! Only a few hours away from #onceupongavion Time to head home to NOLA!!
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