Elena Escobedo 🔮

suspension of disbelief 💮 Portland, OR

Stopped by @traderjoes last night and there is so.much.packaging for ALL their food. It’s insane- just rows and rows of plastic. Whyyyy 😒😒
The short days of winter feel like the longest days
secret garden
take these broken wings and learn to fly
Feeling red with @godsavecarolynjean my weird queen
I found a really cool theater to shoot in! I love all the blade runner feels. I just uploaded this set to Patreon!! Link in bio ✨
How many lifetimes have you lived? When and where?
Tippy toed
birth of Venus
shadow play
a thousand lifetimes
Nature is nice and all but I miss creating in a studio space. Model: @hansthemalemodel
where the wild things are
Chasing sunbeams with @thebamboocloset
Drowning in trash. @kd_kinetic ’s interactive art installation, Plastique, takes a closer look out our society’s obsession with plastic through art. More photos and BTS located on my Patreon, link in bio.
My friends humble me- the amazing @kirralien wearing her own hand crafted jewelry @unfettered.adornment. They are currently hosting a giveaway, peep their page for more info!
Portrait of @ashleydowd
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