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Britain protesters showed their disapproval of Trump with one large, angry baby balloon. A giant balloon in the likeness of Trump as a scowling baby was hoisted in the air above Parliament to cheers. 📷: Tolga Akmen, Isabel Infantes, and Niklas Hallen via Getty Images and Andy Rain via EPA
A cartoon baby blimp of President Trump is flown as a protest against his visit in Parliament Square in London England. 📷: Matt Dunham via AP
London Breed has been sworn in as San Francisco’s first black female mayor. The San Francisco native has pledged to address the city's most pressing problems, including homeless tent camps, open drug use and unbearably high housing prices. She says she is committed to building more housing and to addressing the mental health issues of those living on city streets. 📷: Justin Sullivan for Getty Images
The Griffith Observatory will stay closed through Friday after the brush fire scorched 25 acres two days ago. The observatory’s grounds, roads, parking lots and hiking trails and the areas around the Greek Theatre and Western Canyon will also be closed, according to a statement on the observatory’s website. 📷: @therealchristinahouse
L.A. is jumping into summer like ... 📷: Gabriel S. Scarlett
Construction workers 👷‍♂️ 👷‍♂️ sign the final beam for the stadium bowl and future home of the Rams and Chargers. 🔨 📷: Mel Melcon
Look out! 👀 The bulls of the Salamancan cattle ranch of Puerto de San Lorenzo are the stars of this year’s Fiesta de San Fermin in Spain. It draws visitors from all over the world to run with the animals. 📷: Jesus Diges via EPA
Promise Edmondson always wanted to be a mermaid. Seeing a mermaid might be the second best thing. Megan Mills, with Sheroes Entertainment, fulfilled a birthday wish to Edmondson, who wanted to be a mermaid for a day. Mills, a professional dancer and actress, played the role in Santa Monica over the weekend. Stay cool, Los Angeles! 📷: @genaro4707
The lava continues to flow. The volcanic activity that started in May at Kilauea volcano hasn’t stopped and it continues to transform the landscape, trigger earthquakes and force the partial closure of Volcanoes National Park, the Aloha State’s most popular tourist destination. The lava is spellbinding, especially at night, and some people have found the lure of the lava flows irresistible despite the danger. Since May officials have issued 84 citations to people caught loitering in areas closed to the public for safety. 📷: @kentnish
Find ways to stay cool, L.A. Gary Snyder made friends with a gander at Lake Balboa in Van Nuys. Snyder says the gander joins him for rides on his kayak regularly. 🚣‍♂️ 📷: Mel Melcon
Thousands gathered in Long Beach to mourn the death of Long Beach Fire Captain Dave Rosa. “I just kind of sat there after the call in shock,” his son Alec Rosa, 25, said. “My dad’s a fireman. Firemen aren’t supposed to get shot.” Rosa’s flag-draped casket was slowly driven to the convention center in the back of a Long Beach firetruck covered in black-and-purple bunting and escorted into the building by firefighters in white gloves. The sound of bagpipers playing “Amazing Grace” cut through the silence. 📷: @wallyskalij
Fireworks erupt over Hollywood on the Fourth of July. 📷: @kentnish
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