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💖Author & entrepreneur 👑 Fairy Boss Mother @cinderlystyle 🧜‍♀️Host of @mermaidpodcast 🦄 @hbicnation founder 👩🏼‍💻 #amwriting 🧜‍♂️ as Madame de Boudoir

We were so inspired by our visit to the #TunnelOfGlam we made this low-budget #Karaoke music video of Drunk in Love. 🍾🥂 🎥 _ Filmed on location in the Tunnel of Glam in #Toronto , Canada. 🌟Starring: international sex icon @erinunleashes 🌟Sexy ginger @benjamin_edward 🌟And 40 million #sequins . _ 🎬Filmed and directed by: @lauravonholt Edited by: @erinunleashes 😎💕🤩 #BeLocalArt #glam #filming #MusicVideo #DrunkInLove #SoFamous @yongestclair
#TBT to the time I rode on a train built in the 1890s while eating a gourmet meal with wine pairings....we didn’t so much disembark upon our return, we kind of poured/stumbled off. This is also an accurate depiction of Mercury no longer retrograde, and me trying to pack and fix my life before I head out for the holidays. #mercuryretrograde #thepresidentialtrain #porto #portugal
Two of the best things I did for myself this year were to join @the.wing & attend Becca Symes’ Write Better Faster Academy. I’m way more productive and much happier when I am surrounded by pink & don’t fight my own best tendencies. . . . #thewing #amwriting #coworkingspace #bosslady #bossbabe
Grateful for all my travels...that lead me to know about women like Dona Antonia of the Douro Valley, who owned so many vineyards she made the railroad build a train stop at her house so she could take care of business more conveniently. She was also an innovative leader in the Portuguese port wine industry, fought against a debilitating grape blight that nearly decimated the industry, and cared deeply for the working families of her area. May your orchards and groves and dinner tables and hearts and coffers be blessed with an abundance of innovation, generosity and prosperity. 🙏✨
This weekend, we certainly made some MAGIC! ✨🤣 Luke & I spent all of Saturday making some videos for the #unicorncookbook - which p.s. was just named one of the best children’s books of 2018. 💥💁🏼‍♀️ It’s a little challenging to produce your own cooking show - mixing, baking, & giving instructions while filming & performing is hard work. Thank goodness we had @tayr0ar behind the scenes to help us! ✨🙏There was definitely a learning curve, but we figured if we kept cracking jokes and waving our magic wand, eventually we would BAKE THE RAINBOW!! 🌈🍰🍦Somebody get us on the @foodnetwork , we are clearly ready to spread our sugar rush!!! 🍭🎂🥧🍬🍭🙇‍♀️😱 _ 🦄 Cookbook available at (link in bio). _ #baketherainbow #unicornfood #dirtwormpie #foodporn #bakingshow #baking #unicornfood #cookbook #kidsbooks #dontquityourdaydream
I may be a bottle blonde but my ambition is 100% all-natural! 💁🏼‍♀️✨💥Ambition gets a bad rep when it’s combined with greed to trample others on one’s way to the top. The most expansive and abundant version of ambition is one that’s inclusive. It makes room for other people at the table, and if the table isn’t big enough, you build a bigger damn table.💃🏼🎉 So let’s all be really ambitious and drag our friends with us. 👏💕👯‍♀️💕
Happy Halloween from the frost on dead @leonardodicaprio in Titanic. (Face sparkles ✨ from @getmermaidmagic !) _ #ad #halloweencostume #halloweenmakeup #titanic #jackandrose #frost #icequeen #hallowen
#TBT to earlier this week, when I was in Portugal, standing in the “Harry Potter” bookstore that inspired #jkrowling , buying an English translation of a Portuguese epic poem so I could read more about their mermaids. _ #travel #portugal #porto #harrypotterlibrary
Hello from Portugal, where everything is pink & I spend a lot of time hiking up hills, drinking wine & going to castles. Am also on a hunt for mermaids. There seems to be some ambivalence in their mythology, and I am determined to crack the code! (More adventures in my highlights.)
KING OF THE SEA is one year old!!! A year ago, I gave myself an extravagant nom de plume & let my first book baby out into the world. Since then, the book has travelled to at least three oceans, sold internationally, won an award, inspired countless lovers, been a hit attraction at The Mermaid Parade, and been lovingly termed “mer-otica” by its ardent fans. Thanks to my editor @mayumishimosepoe for her loving guidance and the @hbicnation for their continued support. To my readers, I promise there will be more to come (like a good affair, it is taking its sweet time). In the meanwhile, remember that we are all worthy of love, even when we are half-fish. P.S. You can win a copy of KING of the sea in my Royal Giveaway! (Link in bio).
I LOVE WEDDINGS!!!! I did not wake up at 4 AM to watch Princess Eugenie‘s wedding in real time, but I did watch it while I ate lunch. If you don’t want to spend three hours watching the BBC coverage, I invite you to watch my Instagram story highlights because I think my commentary is just as good. 🤣 Also don’t forget that I am doing a Royal Giveaway for Lindsay Emory‘s book THE ROYAL RUNAWAY (link in bio)!! 👑 _ My fave royal wedding facts include: Sarah Ferguson, Mother of the Bride, being pretty sure everyone was there to party with her, Princess Eugenie’s rarely seen wedding tiara was bequeathed to the Queen Mother by a rich AF society beer heiress, Jack Brooksbanks wore his glasses while Eugenie walked down the aisle so he could see her, and Eugenie had the back of her wedding dress cut low so she could show her scoliosis scar to honor the people who helped her & others with the same condition. Your scars are beautiful, kittens. 😭💕👸 Swipe through for some fave photos.
Best part of being a mermaid mogul is getting to have business meetings at the @seaglasscarousel ! It was so fun to meet Molly of @evrythngmermaid in person! We met online when I interviewed her in S1 of the @mermaidpodcast , & I so happy to spend a few hours talking mer-biz shop with a fellow mer-mogul. 💕🧜‍♀️
✨Giveaway news! ✨ Happy release day to @lindsayemory !!!! I am so excited that THE ROYAL RUNAWAY is finally out so you can be as obsessed with it as I am. It has everything I like: royal gossip, fierce princesses, history, intrigue, hot Scots, kissing & dead bodies! Lindsay Emory’s voice is a force unto itself and her world-building in this book is a masterclass in creative expression & geeking out. I’m so excited about this book that I created a #giveaway !! Enter 👑 THE ROYAL GIVEAWAY 👑 and you can win a special package including paperbacks of THE ROYAL RUNAWAY & my book KING OF THE SEA, plus a notebook and a #princessdiana postcard back, which I picked up at the @kensingtonroyal gift shop last summer on my trip to see #Diana ’s dresses. Swipe to the second photo to see the prizes and enter the giveaway at the link in my bio. May the royal odds be ever in your favor! 👸 _ #bookstagram #royalfamily #whereisprincessthea #lindsayemory #bookgiveaway #kingofthesea #gallerybooks #princessdi #kensingtonpalace #herfashionstory #bookworm #amreading #bookobsessed #royalwedding #royalcouple #bookaholic #read #notebook
Mermaid mogul in action! Remember the time I hogged the @siren press event at @newyorkcomiccon ? Well, it was worth it!!! I got all the scoop on #siren Season 2 from cast members @elinepowell @alexmroe @folaevansakingbola & producers Eric Wald & @emilywhitesell. We had such a blast that they ended up taking my stickers AND asking ME about mermaids. Links to listen (or watch the video) are on @mermaidpodcast - head to or wherever you listen to podcasts. _ #sirennycc #nycc #nycc2018 #nycc18
They don't call me a Fairy BOSS Mother and mermaid mogul for nothing! Doing what you love still takes work, but that's just part of world domination. The trick is to work *your* way. To quote one of the great gurus of our time, dinosaur erotica author Chuck Tingle, "Your way is a good way." _ Today I am taking the mermaid hustle uptown to New York Comic Con on behalf of @mermaidpodcast ! I'm excited to check it out for my first time and meet as many mermaids as I can. <3 _ #nycc18 #mermaidmogul
Still feeling my rocket man vibes after seeing @eltonjohn on Friday. My favorite parts were when Elton John stopped the show to eat a cookie, showed off pics of Harry & Meghan like a proud uncle, jammed out to his own band, and then made a splashy exit on a stair lift thing. I hope I am still wearing sequins and playing stadiums 50 years into my career.
OMG, I’m just like #meghanmarkle ! I made a cookbook too! Cinderly’s Easy-to-Bake Unicorn Cookbook is now on sale! 🎂🦄 And if you’re like, “Wow, I didn’t know you were a baker”...don’t worry, I’m not! That’s why the whole thing has shortcuts & hacks so you can be more #greatbritishbakeoff than #nailedit 🤣 A few details: 💖 No, we do not teach you how to cook unicorns. Yes, this book is for kids AND kids-at-heart. #sorrynotsorry for the sugar rush. 💖 Get it at 💖 You can purchase this cookbook on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. (Amazon orders go out in about a week, even though there is a glitch on their site that says it goes out in 1-2 months. That’s a lie!) We recommend the hardcover, but paperbacks & ebooks are available! 💖 Help us get on the Ellen DeGeneres Show! Tag @theellenshow in your pics of the cookbook. 💖 (All pre-ordered copies for our Kickstarter backers will be shipped out this week. 💕) _ #unicorncookbook #mirrormeg #duchessofsussex #duchessmeghan #baking #cooking #cookbook
Important life update: I’m now in a committed relationship with @the.wing. I applied seven times (no one applies that many times) but then @khaliah played matchmaker and now I get to be surrounded by pink furniture as much as I want!! I am very productive when I feel fancy, so this means i am gonna be THE MOST PRODUCTIVE EVER. I have zero chill about the whole thing, and have no problem pageant-walking in like, hiiiiiiii I BELONG here!!!! #dreamsdonthavedeadlines
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