Lauren Zuro

Chi-based fitness lover with a #NoBadDays mindset.🥂

🔥Tricep burnout🔥 When it comes to working my triceps I find that supersets give me a KILELR burn! Add dis tricep superset into your next workout 👊🏼5X12-15 Single arm cable tricep pushdown 👊🏼5X10 Tricep pushdown with cable curl bar #exercise #triceps #gym #vibes #workout #happiness #fitness #girlswholift #dailymotivation #beyou #instadaily #ootd #health #nutition #fitspo #selfie #fitnessjourney #passion #fitspo #lifestyle
Vegas Round ✌🏼💃🏼
When you get the chance to eat @innout you take it! 🍔🍟🤣
Hung out with all the beautiful GHOST girlies this weekend😍👻 #weekendvibes
Taking on Vegas with my favorite girly by my side🍹☀️
May be gloomy and ugly out but t-minus 6 days until vaca☀️🍹 My motivation for this cloudy/rainy day ☔️ #weekendvibes #vacationmode #gymlife #ghostlifestyle
🐪🐪HUMP DAY GUYS! 🐪🐪Loveeeee starting my morning off in a huge long sleeve and some cardio. A good run can sometimes make me feel like a brand-new person. Cardio in the morning helps clear my mind and lift my mood to start my day!💓 #humpday #morning #cardio
HAMMIES ON 🔥🔥🔥 Super productive yet refreshing morning..Today’s leg day I focused on my hammies and glutes. You don’t need fancy equipment to get the job done! I’m all about the free weights and cables. 1️⃣3X8 Barbell Romanian deadlift SUPERSET WITH.... 2️⃣3X10 Single leg hammies 3️⃣4X10 Good mornings SUPERSET 4️⃣4X12-15 Machine squats
Happy Monday!✨ Hope you’re all off to a great start this week and continue working towards your goals! You got this! Don’t stop guyzzzz it’s worth it🙌🏼💓 Quick lil back day superset to try out!☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼
🍑BOOOOTY BLASTER🍑 3 simple yet extremely beneficial exercises I love incorporating on my glute day! HAPPY FRIYAY!😆
What’s better then coming home to puppy kisses....NOTHING😍🐾
👊🏼SHOULDER SUPERSET FOR DA BURN👊🏼 Happy Monday! Today’s shoulder session was AMAZING! Try this superset if you need a new shoulder exercise & want your boulders to be on fire 💪🏼4X10 Smith Machine Overhead Shoulder Press ✨SUPERSET WITH.....✨ 💪🏼4X12 Smith Machine Upright Rows
Why the big smile....ITS FRIDAY JR🤩 Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder👏🏼
Some high intensity booootay workout today! Wooooo!🤩 I’ve been dying for change so I decided to go back to what I enjoy best..some sweaty and challenging supersets! My heart rate was up & my glutes were donezo after this workout👏🏼 🔥Weighted kick backs 4X15 🔥Seated narrow stance leg press super set wifff some calves 👉🏼4X15 narrow stance 4X15-20 calves raises 🔥Heavy squats 5X5 🔥Heavy sumo deadlift 5X8
💪🏼QUICK CHEST SUPERSET💪🏼 Chest has never been my fav to train but recently I’ve been incorporating more exercises into my workouts..Tossed a few of my fav cable exercises together to finish my chest day! Fitness is lyfeeee but everyone has that one muscle group that isn’t heir favorite...right?!😆
Just relaxing on this Sunday, drinking some @ghostlifestyle lemon-lime BCAAs 💁🏼‍♀️
Got my morning workout done and dusted early this morning!💛 Ever have those days where you drop every single thing you pick up & then try to cover it up...story of my life today at the gym Decided to stick with some super set exercises for today’s leggie day! ⚡️Heavy dumbbell sumo squat (10 reps) then drop the weight in half and push (12-15 reps) Repeat 4-5 times your glutes will be burningggg ⚡️Romanian Deadlift With Dumbbells 4X15-18
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