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You are and always will be the only person I need💓
BACK DAY TRI-SET🚨🚨for y’all on this lovely Friyay🤗 My gym tends to ALWAYS be crowded by the time I get there for work. Anyone else have the same struggle?! Grab a cable and add this tri-set for your next back day💪🏼 I do 4X12-15 reps and sets for each #happyfriday #weekendvibes
SWIPE ON OVA👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼To see my AB workout from today🔥 When it comes to getting a good ab workout, there's SO much more to life than endless crunches☠️ There's also lots more to be gained by working your abdominals than just a perfectly sculpted six pack. A lil tri-set of abs for you to all try out!!!🤗 I repeat these exercises 4 times and do 12-15 reps of each
Cable circuit for your next back dayyy!👐🏼 Lovee using one machine for multiple exercises especially if your gym is always crowded! Try em out✨ #backday 1️⃣4X10 Alternating one arm lat pull downs 2️⃣4X15 Bicep lat pulldowns 3️⃣4X12 Lat pull down
Happy birthday my beautiful girly! There’s no way that your birthday can be as happy as you make me. But I hope it’s close🤗💓 #mygirl #happybirthday
🔥Back & bicep goodies on dis fine Sunday🔥
Looking back it’s been one crazy ride. Looking forward, I’m more excited than ever✨ This year I decided to really focus on myself mentally and physically. On the left I was sitting at 149.8 (February 2018 Flexing) and on the right (Current Flexing) I am currently weighing 139.2. I have found the correct macros for my body and the best part is....I am not always hungry or thinking about food!😅 In the past I always thought doing cardio every single day would help me loose weight, but I was wrong! Do what you love, find your passion, find that hobby that helps you get away from everything. My Monday motivation reminder is patience is key && always focus on your positives & where you’re currently at!💪🏼 #motivationmonday
Happy Friday Lovelies!!!🤗 Backkkkkk Day- One of my fav days of the week...right next to all them because I love training😎💪🏼 #happyfriyay 🔹4X6-8 Heavy weight Cable bent over row drop the weight in half and do 10 reps 🔹4X15 Moderate weight barbell bent over row 🔹4X15 Kneeling single arm cable cross lat pull down
BICEP BURNOUT🔥: My little biceps were crying happy tears after today’s arm workout #armday 1️⃣Dropsets: curlzzzz 4X8 Heavy weight 4X10 Moderate weight 4X12 Lighter weight 2️⃣4X10 Lateral bicep curls
BUM workout from da other day! I was definitely feeling it the next morning and the day after that😂 For each lift focus on that squeeze at the top & your glutes will be on fiiiiiiiire🤗🔥 #legday 2X20-25 Activate dem glutes!! Banded air squats 5X5 Heavy squat 4X8 Sumo deadlift 4X10 Dumbbell lunges into 15 air squats
Yesterday’s light shoulder and chest workout below! Try these out for your next workout! 🤗🙌🏼 1️⃣4X10 Machine chest fly single arm then superset with both arms 4X8 2️⃣4X12 Standing dumbbell front raise underhand grip 3️⃣4X15 Lat raise 4️⃣4X10-12 Dumbbell lateral to frontal raises
Leggie day is zeeee best day!🤗 Here’s 2 killer workouts to try for your next leg day☠️☠️ Tbh I’ve been feeling exhausted and having trouble finding motivation.. but the habits we build ALWAYS remain even when the motivation runs low, right?!
All I need this summer is that summer sun, the deck and my girl💓☀️ #summerfun
FINALLY HAPPY FRIDAY🎉 Sippin on dem Ghost👻 BCAAs and hitting a quick upper body workout! Try a few of these shoulder/bicep supersets below, you’ll love emmm👌🏼🤙🏼 Happy Anniversary Ghost!!!!🎊#happyfriday 1️⃣Military Press 4X8 (heavy weight) SUPERSET with single arm dumbbell press 4X10-12 2️⃣Dumbbell lateral raise 4X8 (heavy weight) THENN drop your weight and do 4X12-15 lateral raise
Workout complete✔️ Time to enjoy the summer sun and some yummy food with my girly!☀️💕 Cheers to a three day weekend lovelies, ENJOY! #weekendvibes
Backkkkk day goodies for y’all!🔥 My favorites are pull ups, banded assisted pull ups, barbell rows, and seated rows. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy ladies😘 #happysunday
Anothaaa brunch of rando upper body workouts for you guys to try out Exercises shown: 1️⃣Spider Curls 4X12 2️⃣Seated bicep cable curls 4X15 3️⃣Single arm cable pull backs 4X12 4️⃣Seated cable row 4X15
Throwing a little Monday motivation atcha. Don’t skip the gym today...Monday workouts help start your week off on a positive note! Four different workouts with two machines, check em out. Lovelove super setting my workouts guyzzzz
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