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🏠 Sydney 🐨 📸 Fujifilm X-T2 & Pixel 2 XL 💌 🍰 First I eat, then I do everything else

The thing I love most about @cafe.creasion is the Japanese simplicity that doesn’t compromise on quality. . 🍰Matcha swiss roll. 🧁Matcha, azuki & cream cheese muffin. 🥣Granola. 🍹Honey yuzu lemonade. 🍵Hojicha latte. 🍬Macaroons. . . . #cafecreasion
If you’re a fan of @twosispyrmont ’s aburi salmon pasta, you’ll love their new prawn version. Comprising of large juicy prawns with flavoursome pasta 😋 . 🦐🍝King prawn pasta. Spinach angel hair, seafood bisque and lobster oil. . Swipe ➡️➡️ . 🍞🌹Durian french toast. During Christmas, served with a cute little snowman marshmallow. . . . #twosispyrmont #prawnpasta #durianfrenchtoast
“Oh no! Please don’t eat me! 😱” cried the little gingerbread man as he was plucked from his iced latte home. But alas, his pleas fell on deaf ears and all that remained was a pile of crumbs... . 🍪Ginger bread ice latte. . Swipe ➡️➡️➡️ . 🥞Nutella pancakes. Banana, mixed berries, ricotta, grated chocolate, xmas cookies and butterscotch sauce. . New festive themed dishes available now at @gibbonsstcafe ! . . #gibbonsstcafe #gingerbread #nutellapancakes #christmas
Have you been naughty or nice this year because santa has taken over @twosispyrmont 's famous pancakes this year! . 🎅🥞❤️Red velvet pancakes. . . . #twosispyrmont #redvelvetpancakes
Say goodbye to your regular weekend brunch and hello to a fun picnic instead at @gibbonsstcafe. . Swipe to see close ups ➡️➡️ . 🍕Hawaiian mini pizza 🥪Turkey & cranberry sauce sandwich. 🌮Mini smoked salmon taco w mango salsa. 🥭Mango & passionfruit whip w sorbet. 🍙Glutinous rice ball in iced ginger drink. 🥗Seasonal fruit salad & yoghurt wafer bowl. 🥂House made soda with cotton cady. 🥐Mini fruit mince tarts, mini croissants and ginger bread biscuit. ☕Choice of tea or coffee. . Yes! The table will be set up like this for you! Call or DM @gibbonsstcafe them to book. . . #gibbonsstcafe #picnic
Can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! Just when you think @twosispyrmont ’s dishes can’t get any cuter, they’re back with a brand new special, Christmas edition, that’s even more adorable than the last. . ☃️🎄❤️Red velvet frappe. . Swipe left to see the incredible detail ➡️➡️ . . . #twosispyrmont #christmas #redvelvetfrappe
With about a dozen pink panther companions residing in this cafe, I never have to worry about dining alone. . 🍝Grilled creamy chicken fettuccine. 🦐Squid ink king prawn risotto. . . . #averrycafe
Some close ups of the delicious dishes from the flatlay yesterday. . 🥗Manzo di arrosoto (beef salad). 🍳The scallop delux. 🐚Scallop carpaccio. 🐟Salmone di sardinia. 🥟Venison ravioli. . . . #godscreation
The best way to describe @godscreationbalmain 's dinner menu is like eating fine dining dishes in the intimate setting of your local restaurant, having the best of both worlds. One bite and you can tell that a lot of love and expertise go into the dishes. . 🐚Scallop carpaccio. 🍳The scallop delux. 🥟Venison ravioli. 🦐Penne di gamberetti (prawn pasta). 🥗Manzo di arrosoto (beef salad). . . . #godscreation
Making a dish look vibrant and extra, yet elegant and uncrowded is an art only a few places can master. . 🌸🍞🍌🍓🥝French toast. w/ seasonal fruits & macadamia crumbs. . . . #fikabycuppaflower #cuppaflower #frenchtoast
Finally got to try this gorgeous place @fikabycuppaflower. It’s pretty like @cuppaflower but minus the long wait 🌸🌺🌼 . 🍯Granola. 🥐Crab meat scramble. 🍞French toast. . . . #fikabycuppaflower
Still one day left of the weekend. Where will you be brunching tomorrow? . Thanks @cherri_cupcake for letting me tag along! . . . #theeateryco
When every dish here is a work of art, it goes without saying that the pancakes are probably the most meticulously stacked I’ve ever seen. . 🥞Red velvet pancakes. Mascarpone, seasonal berries, chocolate dust, macadamia crumble, vanilla ice cream, callebaut white chocolate sauce. . . . #sonofabaker #redvelvetpancakes
This cute cafe looks like it was transported from the most chill and hip part of Newtown to Chippendale. They serve healthy and yummy brunch dishes 😋 . 🥑The sunrise. 🐷Sage pork belly bruschetta. 🌽Corn fritters. 🥣Acai bowl. . @somethingforjesscafe will be there at the @chippendalechristmas market on 9th Dec, make sure to check them out! . . . . . . . Thanks @kerabeareats for styling the flatlay. . #somethingforjesscafe
Vegetarian food doesn’t have to be about dull and boring salads. This cute all vegetarian cafe has serves some delicious and vibrant dishes. That laksa was so nice, I’d definitely go back for it again! . 🥞Made in the font (pancakes). 🍜Boom shaka laksa. 🥑Avo bruschetta. 🥪I’m from Peking (sandwich). 🥗Pumpkin land. 🍮Pan-a-fresh. . Thanks @thefontcafesyd and for organising the event. . . . #thefontcafe #vegetarian #vegan
Great place to stop by for brunch on your way to (or back) from the beach 🏖️ . 🥐Big benny w/ salmon. 🥣Acai bowl. 🐥Ginger chicken. 🍔Burger. 🍞French toast. . . . #katipobondi
If you can stack pancakes, why can’t you stack french toast too? . 🍞🍓🍊French toast w/ fresh fruits & cream. Get ‘em stacked! . . . #katipobondi #frenchtoast
Jumping on the bandwagon of the popular brown sugar fresh milk drinks from @thealleylujiaoxiang.syd 🚂 Definitely the best version I've had in Sydney so far, just wish the lines were shorter... . 🥛🍫🍵 . . #thealleylujiaoxiang
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