Leators Official Account ✨

We’re Fearless✨ I love you guys🤞🏼 #TeamLea #ConfidentForLea 📨: leaelui@foll -ow.com | @leaelui

We’re beautiful aren’t we 🤪
Can’t post videos ughhh.. Is your Instagram bugging too?😫💞💞
What color (clothes) should I wear with this hair color ?😽😽♥️
It looks black but the real color is dark brown, the color is fresh that’s why it is that dark but I think it’ll get a tiny bit lighter 💛🖤 @leaelui
Good conversations got me losing my breath 🖤🎼
💎🥀💎🥀💎 @leaelui
You guys are so precious to me. Ily🥺💎
I love the sun I promise it was just.. attacking me 🥺🥺☀️✨
Let me hear you say... FEARLESS😂😻🤞🏼
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