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Dreaming of boulder hopping and Tahoe Blues. Where are you guys spending Thanksgiving this year? 🦃
Will you take the wide path or #theroadlesstraveled
Mornings don’t get much better than this xx
It turns out that Fall isn’t just a feeling 🍁
Island Life 🏝
It’s not quite #vanlife but our little ride has taken us to some pretty rad places. We made our way up after work this Friday for this year’s last views of the Milky Way. It’s crazy how far you have to drive to escape the light pollution out here! We didn’t arrive until almost midnight only to return the next day but it was so worth it! I still can’t quite believe it but we got the best sleep we’ve had in months camping in a tent and I think that’s because places like these feel more like home to us than the city. We’ll take these starry nights, dirt roads, mountains, adventures no matter how big or small, friends met on the road and trail, golden views and memories kept. That’s all I know for now. 🙏🏼
We have been seeing a lot of new faces here! We are glad you stopped by and thought we would introduce ourselves with some fun facts! Here goes! 1. This 👆🏼was taken on our all time favorite trip to the Canadian Rockies. ✈️ 2. Brian has his MS in Athletic Training and I have a BS in Exercise Physiology. Neither of us have jobs directly relating to our education so we try to put them to good use while training and on the trail. 👩🏼‍💼👨🏼‍💼 3. We are both alumni of WVU and that’s where we met. Brian was my anatomy tutor 😊 let the jokes roll...we also have the best team mascot—The Mountaineer! 🏔 4. 3 years ago we made the decision to move across the country from West Virginia to California and it’s been the best decision of our life! 🚙 5. We are addicted to fish tacos. 🌮 6. Since picking up trail running, backpacking and modifying our diet, we have collectively lost over 100 pounds in the past 2 years!❗️ 7. We have the best dogs in the world—seriously I’m not just saying that. Pepper and Oswald are Australian Shepherds. They are the most energetic, intelligent and affectionate dogs I’ve ever come in contact with! 🐶🐶 8. Although we don’t post often about it(mostly because we don’t have water housing for our camera), we both love surfing! Brian learned while growing up on Long Island, NY and I learned on our honeymoon in the icy waters of Oregon!🏄🏼‍♀️🏄🏻‍♂️ 9. We both work full time jobs and are very strategic with our funds and time off in order to travel like we do. Planning is key! 👩🏼‍💻👨🏼‍💻 10. Last but certainly not least - Although traveling and exploring the outdoors is so much fun, it will never make us complete or happy. We will always be chasing the next destination or experience. Our only lasting joy comes from our hope and faith in Jesus. ❤️ Now we would love to hear from you! What’s something interesting about you? • • • • • • #mybanff #speechlessplaces #banffnationalpark #femmetravel #dametraveler #darlingescapes #liveauthentic #theoutbound #sheexplores #girlslovetravel #globelletravel #darlingplaces #sidewalkerdaily #adventurevisuals
Life has been so crazy lately and we’ve been pretty MIA on here. I’ve had a pulsating in my neck that hasn’t gone away in about a month from stress. I’m hoping that’s all it is...anyone ever get this? Wishing everyone a great week and an even better weekend! Here’s a view of some Canadian Rocky wonders from last year. Can you guess where this is? • • • • • • #nakedplanet #optoutside #EarthOfficial #theglobewanderer #roamtheplanet #liveoutdoors #keepitwild #neverstopexploring #getoutstayout #stayandwander #thegreatoutdoors #tourtheplanet #welivetoexplore #exploretocreate #canadasworld #tourcanada #banfflife #mybanff #rockymountains #explorecanada #explorealberta #adventureculture #travelstoke #huffpostgram #gypsysoul #alpinebabes #mountaingirls #outdoorwomen #mtnchicks #amongthewild
This weekend was supposed to go something like this 👆🏼 but the California fires changed our plans. This year we have experienced some devastating fires as a state. They have left tens of thousands of acres of forest burned and thousands evacuating their homes to flee for safety. We had a scare of our own at Top of the World in Laguna back in the beginning of June which was fortunately contained quickly. We wish everyone safe travels for the remainder of the summer and we are so very grateful for all of the brave firefighters out there keeping us safe! • • • • • • #rei1440project #thegreatoutdoors #coloradogram #travelcouple #co14ers #coloradical #mountmassive #alpinebabes #wearethewild #alpinemodern #livefolk #makemoments #forgeyourownpath #likeamountaingirl #wildernessmakesyoubetter #coloradolive #coloradotography #girlswhohike #mtnchicks #femmetravel #hikingtheglobe #effectsadventure #adventurethatislife #globecouples #visitcolorado #travelcommunity #coupleswhotravel #couplesthatadventure #sweatydirtyhappy
If we had to pick one place that’s felt most like home since moving to California, it would be the Sierra Mountains. It’s here that we’ve found refuge on the weekends. Whether we drove up for 3 days or sometimes just 20 hours, the long drive has always been worth it. I think patience with long road trips is something we are really happy to have mastered since moving out here. For us, it’s worth a 4-6 hour drive (one time it was 10 each way 🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♂️)up and back just to spend a weekend enjoying our passions and building a life of memories. We can be confident that we took full advantage of our time to ditch the couch for adventure. It could have been easy to sit at home and sleep in and take it easy but we would rather rise early with the sun with a cup of steaming coffee by an alpine lake or on the floor of the desert. That’s what adventure is after all isn’t it? Nobody said it would be comfortable or have ideal weather or circumstances-neither should it be. Adventure comes when things don’t go as planned or you have to put that extra work in. It comes when you least expect it and it certainly doesn’t come from playing it safe. 𖤕 We will always remember the long hours in the car spent dreaming about the future, the early mornings spent in the dark chasing sunrise while racing up switchbacks and the hikes ending under moonlight so we could catch a beautiful sunset. We will remember the times we spent making new friends the most-long hours on the trail and cold, windy nights camping and learning new skills—bonding over the simple things in life. The 395 feels reminiscent of visiting an old friend because of all the wonderful people we’ve shared our time with there. And yes, it’s worth being a little tired on Monday. 𖤕 Where do you go to retreat that feels like home?
When life gets difficult and we’re not sure what move to make next we try to remember there’s always another sunrise tomorrow to look to. Each one is a new beginning. The beauty of a fresh start and new chance to be the person you’ve always wanted to be is in each day. It’s up to us to grab hold of the opportunity and leave yesterday behind. That’s obviously easier said than done but we can tell you with confidence that if you stick it out long enough it can hold true. The people we are today compared to the people we were 3 years ago are completely different. We have a long journey ahead of us but back then we were plagued with anxiety, depression, inaction, unhealthy bodies, low self esteem, dreams without hope and the feeling of being stuck. It’s so hard to write that but it’s real and it’s true. Our road to where we are today all started with a willingness to take a step forward and believe that we had a future and a purpose—a reason for this life. We’re not sure what you guys are going through on a personal level. Social media is packed with beautiful moments that paint a never ending highlight reel—a patchwork of images of people’s best days and highest moments. It doesn’t usually show the lows in life or the times when we are unsure of ourselves or facing loss, disappointment, stress or failure. What’s important if you are facing any or all of these things or things that are completely different is to know that you’re not alone. We all have different stories and we’re all broken at different fracture points. We wish someone would have expressed that to us long ago so that’s what we’re leaving you with tonight. Sleep tight and have the best sunrise tomorrow 😋 PC: @wonder_explore_grow Edits: @leavenostoneunturned • • • • • • #rei1440project #thegreatoutdoors #coloradogram #travelcouple #coloradical #alpinebabes #wearethewild #alpinemodern #livefolk #makemoments #forgeyourownpath #likeamountaingirl #adventurecouple #coupleswhohike #coloradolive #coloradotography #mtnchicks #femmetravel #hikingtheglobe #lensbible #purposefulliving #beating50percent #stayingido #effectsadventure #adventurethatislife #globecouples #visitcolorado #travelcommunity
We’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be successful and what that would specifically mean in our life. A couple thoughts on it lead to us remembering that we have never accomplished anything by being perfect or waiting for the perfect opportunity or moment or situation to go after something or trying something out. We’ve only experienced the best things and successful moments by being a failure over and over and taking risks that are unconventional. It’s been trial and error and it’s been a blast. Sometimes it’s been a little scary but we are so much better for it. The most successful people have failed more times than most have even tried. So, we hope we can inspire just one person to simply get out there and try something new! It doesn’t matter what it is. We would love to hear some of your ideas! • • • • • • #theoutbound #beautiful_places #OutdoorBella #welivetoexplore #optoutside #adventurevisuals #chasingwaterfalls #waterfalllovers #sweatydirtyhappy #andshesdopetoo #globelletravels #explorearizona #speechlessplaces #shesnotlost #wearetravelladies #purposedriven #goatworthy #adventureculture #theglobewanderer #amongthewild #hikersofinstagram #havasupaifalls #goneoutdoors #arizonacollective #theglobewanderer #likeamountaingirl #beautifuldestinations #sheexplores #HerWanderfulLife #itonlygetsbetter
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