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Follow 👣 Leave No Trace across the U.S. inspiring and promoting responsibility ♻ in the outdoors #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace

Some animals have adapted to city living, but that doesn't mean it's our responsibility to feed them. 🐿 🐦 #LeaveNoTrace applies to urban areas, too. Respect wildlife wherever you find it, even if it's in a city park. #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Do you know how to go when its snowy outside? The most #LeaveNoTrace method is to use a WAG bag to minimize the chance of contaminating water sources or leaving a bad surprise for those who visit once the snow melts. Check out our latest YouTube video for more winter recreation tips and #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
This land is your land. There’s never been a more important time to get people the Leave No Trace education they need—just look at the headlines from natural areas that have been left understaffed and are feeling the severe impacts of uninformed visitors. Ensuring people practice Leave No Trace is a vital response to the threats that your national parks are facing. Donate today: link in bio.
Our public lands are feeling the pain right now. Learn how we’re working to get Leave No Trace information into the hands of those that need it most during the shutdown. Plus, find out what you can do to help. #linkinbio #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Biodegradable soap is okay to use in water sources right? WRONG! While the name might lead you to believe this soap is harmless, it is still impactful. Biodegradable soap can cause many issues from increased nitrogen levels to significantly harming aquatic inhabitants. Wash your dishes and yourself 70 big steps (200 feet) away from all water sources to keep these resources free from contaminates and #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Is your favorite outdoor spot shut down? Or maybe you’re trying to give it a breather from visitation? Why not try exploring a local park for a new adventure! This county park, just outside of Phoenix, is a Traveling Trainer favorite for camping, hiking, mountain biking, and jaw-dropping sunsets! #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
The #GovernmentShutdown is now the longest in American history and it’s time to get serious about not only our national parks but all of the federally designated public lands in the country. The situation is grave with compromised wildlife, human waste littering parks and long-term and in some cases irreparable damage such as theft and destruction of natural resources. A lot of you have been asking us what you can do. As people who are committed to Leave No Trace, you are a vital source of information for many people who are currently practicing less-than-Leave No Trace behavior. This video shows a Leave No Trace skill called “Authority of the Resource”, essentially a way of effectively communicating if you see someone behaving in a way that may be harmful to the outdoors. We encourage you to check out the whole of this short video at the link in our bio and apply this technique both online and off during this precarious time. #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
We are extremely saddened to see the images coming out of @joshuatreenps after people have reportedly been cutting down trees. We hope for the sake of our beloved outdoors that the #GovernmentShutdown ends soon. In the meantime, our guidelines are at the link in our bio, we will be releasing more information imminently on how best to communicate if you see people on or offline exhibiting less-than-Leave No Trace behavior. 📸 @latimes Gina Ferazzi
Is this old gas can trash... or historical treasure? We can help people years from now from having to answer this type of question by not bringing anything into the wilderness we're not ready to pack back out. #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Ummm is this romantic??! We don't know about you, but we wouldn't feel very loved if someone did this for us. What do you think? #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Make sure you focus on principle #1 this time of year. Planning ahead and preparing is especially important in winter, when the conditions are more extreme. Don't let January slow you down, though. Just know your route, bring the right gear, and only attempt trips you know your group can manage. #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
If you’ve made it this far and don't have a New Year’s resolution yet, we have a great one for you! Burning trash, even in a fire-pit, can have some severe consequences. Take it from our friends at the US Department of Agriculture who have found that burning food packaging can leave heavy metals such as lead, in the remaining ash. Additionally burning these items releases aromatic hydrocarbons and carcinogens that can be toxic for others to breathe. So spread the word and let’s all resolve to not burn any trash in 2019! #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Good friends & cold creek crossings 😊 speaking of good friends, thanks to all of you helping us to share our recommendations for people to consider during the shutdown (see previous post). It’s up to us, the Leave No Trace community, to step up and make sure people are aware for the sake of the outdoors. Thanks and happy Saturday! #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
You’ve read the disturbing stories reported from our national parks, now that the partial government shutdown has moved into January. The situation is serious - wildlife picking through bins piled high with trash, latrines overflowing with waste and unfettered off-roading in fragile ecosystems. Please consider our most important recommendations for the duration of the shutdown. Thanks in advance for sharing! #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Ever been in an LDR? Distance makes the ♥️ grow fonder, especially when you spot a bear! 📸 from @nationalparkservice
Happy New Year Leave No Trace-ers 🎉⛄️We hope you’ve had a great start to the year and maybe some of you got some snow (we did!) Did anyone make resolutions? Maybe to spend even more time outside this year or learn a new outdoor skill? Let us know in the comments, it might even be something we can provide more information on! If you ARE planning on getting out more this January, remember that snow is a durable surface, so you can explore a wider area in winter without trampling the vegetation. So go ahead, #EnjoyYourWorld and #LeaveNoTrace
Landscapes across the country are suffering from the severe impacts of overuse, more children are losing their connection to nature, water and wildlife are being compromised—and the list goes on. Create a better tomorrow for the natural world. Join, renew or donate today: LINK IN BIO Your gift will be used to educate people on how to lessen their impact and enjoy the outdoors responsibly. Plus, when you give by the end of the month we’ll send you one of our favorite adventure gifts: · Gifts of $50 get a Klean Kanteen insulated tumbler · Gifts of $100 get an Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack · Gifts of $250 or more get a Helinox Chair
How do you wash dishes at camp? Even with biodegradable soap (or no soap), it's never a good idea to wash dishes in a river, lake, or other water source. Our leftover food particles can attract animals, and all soaps can contaminate water. Heading 70 big steps away from water and straining out leftover food scraps can help you keep clean and Leave No Trace. We have guides to both backcountry and frontcountry dish washing on our YouTube channel. Check our bio for the link #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
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