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Follow 👣 Leave No Trace across the U.S. inspiring and promoting responsibility ♻ in the outdoors #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace

Are you a Leave No Trace member yet? Join this week to be entered to win this awesome @tentsile tree tent! Your membership makes a huge difference to the health of the outdoors, plus you could spend the summer hanging out in the trees! Link in bio. #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace 🎥 from Selladore.
Happy #EarthDay everyone! You have all blown us away. Your commitment to #LeaveNoTrash this week has been incredible and made today truly feel like a celebration of 🌏 thanks for your involvement this week and beyond 💕🌏 PS. These are a select few but check out the hashtag #LeaveNoTrash to see how much we have all picked up this week! #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Tomorrow is #EarthDay and our efforts at #LeaveNoTrash all week have been incredible! Let’s end the week strong, get outside and show our planet we care and are dedicated to #LeaveNoTrash this #EarthDay , and every day 💕🌏 📷 from @regretlessred
All of us.... #LeaveNoTrash 💪🏽
💪🏽🚯💕🌏 The Leave No Trace community is so awesome! Don’t forget Earth Day is Sunday so you have a few more days to get out and #LeaveNoTrash plus enter our contest with @outdoorresearch ! Sounds like good weekend plans to us! Shoutout to @coastmountainacademy for this amazing photo and all their hard work at a marine debris project this week on Harwood Island!
Seeing all of your photos this #EarthWeek is really reminding us how vital it is to #LeaveNoTrash all the time. Many people don’t realize just how long even an 🍊 or 🍌 peel can take to decompose. Check out the #LeaveNoTrash hashtag for inspiration and then get outside and help our planet!
Honestly obsessed with all of you doing #LeaveNoTrash right now! It’s awesome to see us all taking action and spreading the word on social media. Here’s some Girl Scouts looking pretty horrified, @hikingforkicks with an interesting trail find ( 🦒) and @venomblackbird taking in the scenery after a TON of cleanup. Keep them coming guys! Remember to tag us and @outdoorresearch to enter to win! 💕🌏
Bringing back an old favorite tonight - time to #LeaveNoTrash ! This #EarthWeek it’s giving us less of a headache because of all the amazing work you’re doing! Don’t forget to tag us and use the hashtag so we can see 🤗
Here’s one of our absolute favorite #LeaveNoTrash photos from @publiclandlvr on Twitter yesterday! If this little guy can collect a mountain of trash taller than him, you can do it too! You have the whole week to get outside, pick up some trash and tag us (plus @outdoorresearch ) so what are you waiting for? Let’s #LeaveNoTrash !!
Ok guys we promised there would be prizes so here we go! We’ve teamed up with @outdoorresearch to bring you these awesome hats & jackets! We’ll be selecting winners based on: 1) the most WEIRD piece of trash collected 🤯 2) the MOST trash collected 🚯 and 3) the most DEDICATED person to #LeaveNoTrash this #EarthWeek 💪🏽! Make sure you tag us, @outdoorresearch and #LeaveNoTrash to enter to win! Let’s see those trash photos!
This #EarthWeek @leavenotracecenter is taking social media outside and challenging you to #LeaveNoTrash ! Tag us in your trash cleanup photos and use the hashtag #LeaveNoTrash , we’ll be announcing prizes throughout the week so get outside and pick up some trash! #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
The Amboy Crater, in the Mojave desert, is a landscape so wild and alien that NASA has used it to test Mars rovers. On our descent into the crater, we found these “rock art” creations. Does finding evidence of past visitors affect your outdoor experience? Give us examples. #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
“Charley is a mind-reading dog. There have been many trips in his lifetime, and often he has to be left at home. He knows we are going long before the suitcase has come out, and he paces and worries and whines and goes into a state of mild hysteria.” — Steinbeck. What would our adventures be without our dogs??! Enjoy #nationalpetday everyone! PS. This is Frida, the newest Leave No Trace office pup! PPS. Can you name the book? #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
We were lucky enough to stumble upon the remnants of an arrowhead or tool a few weeks ago in Southern Nevada. We felt especially lucky because it means all of the other visitors who found this object before us left it for us to experience as well. When you find your next cultural or historic artifact, leave what you find so future visitors can share the same experience. #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Quick! Can you find seven things that don't belong in a fire ring? Just a friendly reminder that fires don't make good trash cans! #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Driving into the weekend like “oh cool it’s still snowing in April” 😂 #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Time to play a perennial outdoor favorite: What On Earth IS That?!? Leave your guesses in the comments below. #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Friends are for throwing on your pack, hiking up a sandy desert wash, and doing yoga across miniature slot canyons. Happy hump day everyone 🤗 #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
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