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Follow 👣 Leave No Trace across the U.S. inspiring and promoting responsibility ♻ in the outdoors #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace

So close! Yet so so far. When there's a designated grill or campfire ring, there's no need to make fires anywhere else (and especially not between two tree trunks!) #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Did you make it out last weekend for @upslope Backcountry Taproom? We were stoked to be there with Leave No Trace colsters, a raffle and a bunch of pups! 🐶 Thanks to everyone who came for picking up after their dog, recycling cans and making sure to pack out your trash, and a special thanks to our green team volunteers. Stay tuned for more events and ways to get involved coming up! #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace Photo by @traverse_image
We often recommend using camp stoves, but there are great ways of building responsible fires to add delicious, smoky flavor to your camp meals. Do your campfires #LeaveNoTrace ? Click on the link in our bio to find out! 🔥 😋 #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Flying quadcopters or drones can be a fun way to enjoy the outdoors, but they can also really affect other people's experiences and be dangerous when flown in restricted areas. Be sure to do your homework and ensure that flying these aircraft are allowed and take extra precautions to be considerate of fellow visitors and animals. Some places like this park in West Virginia set aside only certain areas and times for flying drones. Remember to #EnjoyYourWorld and #LeaveNoTrace
It’s #IndigenousPeoplesDay ✨ It can be easy to think of historical places, like these ancient Pueblo homes in Frijoles Canyon, as abandoned. But the Pueblo people believe that the spirits of their ancestors still live in these homes. We can do our part by visiting respectfully, enjoying the quiet, and sticking to park trails. Can you imagine what public lands would look like if everyone who visited acted like a guest in another’s home, humbled by the generosity of their host? #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
That’s a wrap! The Zero Landfill Initiative Team have just finished up their 4 months of outreach at the 3 zero landfill national parks. Thanks to @grandtetonnps , @denalinationalpark , @yosemitenps and @subaru_usa ! And thanks to the THOUSANDS of visitors, community members and staff for all the meaningful conversations and work. Keep it up! #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace #DontFeedtheLandfills
#Repost @glaciernps ・・・ Repost from @animalbruning - What do you do when wildlife is approaching? ・・・ It was the summer of goats! #ProtectGlacier by getting out of the way when wildlife is coming through! Otherwise, stay on trail, and try to keep a safe distance. #LNT @leavenotracecenter . . .
Colorado Leave No Trace-ers! What are you doing this Saturday? Why not come see us at @upslope Backcountry Taproom. It’s a great day of hiking, beer and usually a whole lot of pups! Your ticket includes 4 beer tickets, and they’ll be debuting their new Spruce Tip IPA plus we’ve heard rumors about pancakes, and special Leave No Trace @yeti colsters! Get your ticket at link in bio 🍻#EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
We spoke to @vice about our favorite topic: 💩 check the link in our bio to read #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace artwork by @kitronzn
Yikes! Here's a photo from our friends at Wisconsin Conservation Corps @wiscorps showing severe impacts on a beautiful stretch of the Mississippi River. The Driftless Area is a pocket of the upper Midwest that escaped glaciation during the last few ice ages, leaving a region marked by deep river valleys and expansive cliff walls. The area avoided glaciers all on its own, but unfortunately hasn’t avoided all this graffiti 😱 #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Did you know that Acadia's Bates Cairns' top rock and opening points in the direction of travel? These distinctive cairns help visitors find their way over exposed cadillac granite, avoiding sensitive alpine vegetation. #LeaveWhatYouFind , #StickToTrails , #EnjoyYourWorld and of course #LeaveNoTrace
Happy fall everyone! Remember to "Leaf" No Trace when you go outside this season 😁 #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Update from the Zero Landfill Team: We're on Day 3/5 of the 15th annual @yosemitefacelift cleaning up @yosemitenps in California. About 1,100 volunteers have collected nearly 3,000 lbs of trash so far!!! Thanks to all the brands and individuals participating #LeaveNoTrash #DontFeedtheLandfills #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
It’s great to see more waste disposal options in our nation’s parks and monuments. Many of these remote areas spend thousands of dollars to haul out visitor trash! 😱 That’s money better spent maintaining trails, protecting the area, or providing visitor education. You can help by minimizing the trash you bring into parks in the first place by repackaging food, sorting your trash and recyclables, or be an all-star and take your trash out with you so the park doesn’t have to! #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Available at lnt.org/Straw for 2 more days. Link in bio. #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Pop quiz! 1) Can you define a "durable surface"? 2) Is lichen on a rock a durable surface? Fun fact: Lichens can actually turn lifeless stone into furtile soil over time! Because of this and their nutritional value to some animals, lichens are a crucial part of many healthy ecosystems. Not to mention it can be stunning, like the culture seen here. PS. Have you ordered your reusable straw yet? Only $10 for 2 this week! Link in bio #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
LIMITED TIME PROMO 🥤🥤🥤: You’ve been asking us for ages and they’re finally here! The average American uses 38,000 straws in their lifetime. This is such a quick and easy change you can make in your daily life to reduce the amount of single-use plastic you’re using. For THIS WEEK ONLY we’re selling 2 @kleankanteen straws for $10 including shipping. You can order straws while giving to your favorite environmental group 😉Available only in the US, link in bio 🥤🥤🥤#EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
Update from Zero Landfill Team: Did you know trail markers come in all forms, even recycled license plates?! The California Department of Water Resources and the U.S. Forest Service conduct snow surveys in the Emigrant Wilderness in California each year to predict water supplies and potential flooding. Surveyors ski on the courses, following the old license plates nailed high on trees. Pretty cool huh? #EnjoyYourWorld #LeaveNoTrace
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