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After watching the sunrise from the ground, we decided that for our next morning in Bagan, we would experience from a higher point of view before exploring some of the 3,000 temples and pagodas in the area for the rest of the day. So we packed everything we needed for a hot summer day in our @deuter Futura backpack before finding ourselves in a hot air balloon basket. This was just the beginning of a day to remember in a place that I've been dreaming to visit for 10+ years, and finally it happened! #MyDeuterAdventure #deuter #sponsored
A morning to remember in beautiful Bagan, watching the sunrise and the hot air balloons in the distance with @delphinepolson. Shoutout to the folks at @deuter who equipped us with their new Futura backpack and its Aircomfort Sensic back system for maximum comfort and ventilation, a lifesaver feature especially in places like Bagan where temperature can climb over 40°C in the summer! More info on www.mydeuteradventure.com #MyDeuterAdventure #deuter #sponsored
The Acrobats. I could sit hours and watch these traditional Intha fishermen use their unique and dying technique to catch fish on Inle Lake. Shot for @djiglobal and @visit.myanmar #mavicpro #mymyanmar
FINALLY! I'm so freaking excited to have received my first copy of PEAKS OF EUROPE - A PHOTOGRAPHER'S JOURNEY and to announce that my first book is officially released, after 6 months of hard work and late nights. First and foremost, I want to thank every person who followed me on my journey on a daily basis and who pushed me to create this book. Without their feedback and amazing response as I documented my road trip on my social media platforms, I would never have finished - or even started - this book. Thank you for your genuine support and for helping me push my limits to new heights every day. And thank you Éditions Racine - Uitgeverij Lannoo for entrusting me with this book project. Now, let's catch up! I will be present my book and signing copies of it in different Belgian cities, so bring yours or order it now on www.peaksofeurope.eu (link in bio). All pre-orders and orders received today will be shipped this week so don’t waste any time and get your copy before anyone else! Brussels:
- Friday 27/04 - 18:00 @ Filigranes Liège:
- Saturday 28/04 - 15:30 @ Toutes directions - Saturday 26/05 - 15:30 @ Fnac Liège Antwerpen:
- Saturday 05/05 - 15:30 @ Fnac Antwerpen See you there!
Traditional Intha fishermen using their conical nets on Inle Lake. Head over today’s story to see more of this unique fishing technique that can only be found in this part of Myanmar and the rest of the world. Shot for @djiglobal and @visit.myanmar #mymyanmar #mavicpro
A glimpse of gold breaks through the clouds. Lofoten, Norway, last February. I’m currently in Myanmar, on my first culture-focused photo trip since I decided to pursue a career in photography, and I have to say it’s been incredibly refreshing so far. While I’m busy curating some images to post here, don’t miss out my daily documentary photo series in my stories. Shot for @djiglobal
February in Lofoten: 3 hours of early morning light, 3 hours of late afternoon light, 10 hours of northern lights and very very little time to rest. Experiencing winter there has been another dream of mine coming true, and sharing it with a nice group of participants was even more satisfying. Sign up to my newsletter on my website and don’t miss out upcoming workshops!
So, a month ago I returned home after 6 weeks of hectic travels in Namibia and Norway, thinking I would finally have time to relax, go through all my photos and edit them. The reality was much different to be honest! For the past three weeks I almost didn’t leave my desk once. I’ve been busy with finishing the edits of my book #PeaksOfEurope , going through all the different steps of publishing that involves a lot of color check and re-re-edits of the photos to make sure they look on paper exactly like I see them on my monitor. Tomorrow will be the final day of a 5-month-long process as I just have a final check to make with my publisher before sending the files to the printer! 🙏 I seriously cannot wait to show you the final result! Now that I’m almost done working on my book, I’m already planning my next adventure which will start in... 4 days! It seems like things aren’t going to slow down for a while actually, haha. Here’s a shot I took on my last day in Lofoten last month during a scenic flight that was for the books!
Seasons. The reason why I keep coming back to the same places again and again, especially those that I cherish the most. The first photo shows the situation in the Lofoten end of February. The second photo was taken end of May, both when the sun was very low in the sky (4pm for the first one, 1am for the second one). Two completely different experiences and I wouldn’t be able to tell you which was my favorite one.
The last 5 weeks have been absolutely hectic, with trips to Namibia shooting wildlife + sand dunes, and Norway leading a workshop in the Lofoten. Very little time spent editing on the laptop as I was outside every single day shooting, shooting and shooting again. I came back home with 1Tb of photos just for those two places, and I’m excited to say I’ll be staying home for the next month, going through all the images I brought back with me in order to share the very best with you, although you guys already saw a glimpse of Namibia in my recent posts. But more to come, I promise :) In the meantime, here’s a quick one taken in Uttakleiv beach a few days ago. As I was walking around in order to find an interesting foreground to shoot the Aurora, I stumbled upon Ed, a local from the islands, who had just set up his camp for the night. The wind was strong that evening and it felt like it was -15°C, though Ed didn’t seem to be bothered too much by the Arctic cold. A great night it was! #lofotenworkshop
Low sun & golden light. Nap is over, it’s time for a hunt. @erindinamibia
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