Everyday is perfect and meaningful

The weather.......
When I first time went to LA, I loved it. This city is crazy, positive and always make me excited. I must go there when I am a postgraduate student ✌️
start doing homework👌
旧金山的九曲花街 想你
Learned playing piano, drawing, and then choose business management? WTF , if I have the second chance, I must do what I really enjoy😢
Li~Yun di 李雲迪的手加上施坦威的琴 絕配
The view around opera house is excellent (o^^o)
OMG the puppy on the right side is super cute!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna have ❤️❤️🐶one like this too!!!!!
Get up, dress up, make up, always be positive 💪
Daily routine VLOG1😢
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