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Snap from yesterday’s ‘the hangover hike’ to Mt. Veliki Draški vrh. It was totally worth the struggle 😅
You know those days when mornings are warm, pleasant fresh-cut grass smell follows you everywhere and hot sun rays gently touch your skin? ☀️Those days when hiking feels like sauna, but you don't care? Those days are finally here 💛 . 📸@gasperr_photo
We met some new friends during our last hike in Kamnik-Savinja Alps 🐑💛 #beee
Batteries recharged 🙌
Sunshine, freedom, mountains and little yellow flowers 💛
Feeling so small in a very big world. But even when our paths seem set, there are always new possibilities out there.
I like everything about this view. Everything from the scenic grassy slopes and the cute hut on the Dovška Rožca Plateau, to the cloudy peaks of Julian Alps we plan conquer very soon❤️
Finally, some sun and warm temperatures in our mountains.
Sunny outdoor adventures always stretch the corners of my mouth. 🙃 . We spent the last weekend exploring Slovenia’s Dolenjska region. It offers a lot of hidden and not so hidden gems - guess which one is the waterfall in the background 😂 . 📸@gasperr_photo
Just clouds, playing their game... ☁️
I can’t imagine a better way to spend my Friday than enjoying a perfect postcard view of Mt. Triglav - the highest mountain in Slovenia. I love hiking during the week, no crowds and empty peaks 💙
I almost finished reading Reinhold Messner’s book My life at the limit. What an incredible human. There’s one quote I’d like to share and with which I agree 100%: “There is no other reason to climb mountains, no other motivation, than your own passion, ambition, and love of nature”. See you soon, Mountains❤️
Summer is right around the corner. So bear with me guys, mountain shots are coming, just couple of weeks and we’re there 😅 In the meanwhile, let’s make the best of it 🙌 #nobadweather
Since we’re all posting old photos due to shitty weather, here’s mine 😂✌️ This one was captured on one of my favorite hikes from last season - Mt. Špik ❤️ #tbt
Chasing waterfalls instead of heights last week. It was nice for a change, but to be honest I can’t wait for some mountain action sometime soon. ↡ ↡ P.s. For everyone who asked in the stories, the leggings are from @pineappleclothing_com . I love their crazy designs. Check them out & use my coupon code LEAVOZ for 20% discount. Cheers! 🍍🍍 📸@gasperr_photo
Hey ya Mrs Winter, don’t you have somewhere else to be? 🤔
Chasing waterfalls 💦 #happyinpineapple ♡ * 📸@gasperrozanc
Let’s go up there 💙
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