3.10.2018😱| #teora slays hoe

|Xmas soon🎄 • A&A I stan a queen💍back off from her⏬bitches @_leleponsx_ shpirti jem🙈 Goal:Always make lele happy 🌟

@spence here u look so like Drake !!!!! @champagnepapi
WHAT?!? 😂 - - @inanna @lelepons #lena they are queens❤ •| •| •| - 🎄 Follow @lelesmoonlight for more !❤
Are you still dating ?😑 @lelepons @leofaveroo_ #leopons
Mood- ⭐| ⭐| Follow @lelesmoonlight For more!!
Swipe up 😍 Lele I saw ur story with that poop hahagagaha @lelepons @lelepons
Look who is here...TRIO!!!! @lelepons @inanna @hannahstocking their love is the strongest 😍
I think of his stupid ass lele broke up , im gonna leave if they date-
Awwwww @iamcardib daughter is the cutessttttt ...little sad bcs card I broke up with her husband 😔😞
Hahahahsgaha Amanda porny 😂😂 cr; @factslele. (Isn't mine) @lelepons @luisponsdesign @eljuanpazurita @juanpa @hannahstocking
True asf Cr: @inanna.gang @inanna
My idols are the best💕
Do u think trio will be back for Christmas? @lelepons @inanna @hannahstocking
Hot. #lennah This friendship is so cute😍 @lelepons @hannahstocking
When my bff has a bf😒 @lelepons @hannahstocking @twan #teora
Their smile 😵❤❤ #lena Lele...inanna ..when will u guys meet?? All wants to know !!!! @lelepons @inanna
I can not resist this hahahaga😂😂😂🔥 Credit: @lele_pons_xo_ @lelepons @lelepons
Tomorrow school R.I.P🤧😩😤😭 @inanna @inanna
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