Leo (Leonardo DaVinci S.)

I'm A Foxy Pommy boy 🦊born 5/1/15 living in the USA 🇺🇸 🌰with 3 kitty brothers. Likes: sniffing, barking & eating things I shouldn't eat.

Tongue out on a Tuesday 👅 #tot
Feelin good in the ‘hood...have a great start to your week friends!
Saturday morning patio coffee ☕️
Tell me again Mom what it feels like outside without rain...🌧💦🙄
Hey everybody....look at ma butt 🍑! 🤣🤣
Long weekends are awesome...until Tuesday. Have a great week friends. It’s short like me 🦊
Always guarding the house, even on holidays 💪🏻👀. #guarddog
Gearing up for the weekend with a little Friday nap 😴. What you doin this long weekend??
Tongue out Tuesday 😝 holla. #tot #tongueouttuesday #foxypom
Hey! It’s National Dog Day! Celebrate with your favorite chewy 🦊. #nationaldogday
Getting my snooze on in the clean laundry 👚👕👖
My face when I hear the words “treats”, “greenies”, or “walk”
Furiends look 👀 I can go on bike rides now!! 🚲
Watching Premier league soccer this Saturday afternoon ⚽️
Suns out tongues out ☀️. #hotdog
Furiends! Look what came for me in the mail from my friend @bushka_boo !!! A card with me on it 🤣🤣🦊. Thank you so much Bandit & Kelly for thinking of me & for your friendship!
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